over a hundred teams and all you play is the same teams

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by heartless, 28 November 2006.

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  1. heartless

    heartless Non-League

    10 September 2005
    be it ranked or for fun its the same bloody teams all the time.
    does every one in london support arsenal?
    do all the italins support inter/milan?
    do all the spaninsh support barca/real?
    does every one in ireland support man utd?

    and the majority of international team players support brazil/france?

    all the teams in pro and you play the same crap all the time

    i love to be different teams be it patagonia/pampas or espanyol
    to tottenham, i choose different teams and beat folk with them and you think these guys would change teams.....but no! you select celtic/kiev and the just shoot over to inter/barca
    or when i go nationals serbia these tools jump to brazil/france
    and when they loose its a slagging abuse match for the argument that celtic couldnt beat england/brazil......well they just did cause this is a game and i just beat you whats eating you is the fact it was a supposed lesser team but i was playing to my skill with a lesser team

    i choose not to go barca and the likes of inter or arsenal because i have class and am not a slag or super team bitch
    when somone who genuinely wants agame goes villa or spurs i go an equalivelent team in stats i dont care who they are(never rangers mind!)to play a good game of football that isnt all about one player in a team going on super runs or shooting from stupid distances and scoring its all about the game and enjoying it.

    why go big teams all the time?it proves nothing about how good you think you are if you are brazil/inter all the time!
    the team is on automatic and all you do is pess x and score the same goal with the same player,no skill what so ever.

    stop being slags and when people go a lesser team MATCH THEM
    dont hover of a team with the same stats and then go brazil/inter or whatever other super team you go

    old firm fans go celtic or rangers when you play not inter/milan and all the other slag teams

    picking super teams all the time is a disease
    it means you lack skill and like having it all done for you

    play football,play pro evo like men,stop being slags

    i bet you wont though!
    NO CLASS.:applause:
  2. shieldslfc

    shieldslfc League 1

    25 April 2004
    Exactly, these knobs are killing the on-line game, everybody goes Inter because for some reason (probably because he's on the cover) Konami think Adriano is a mixture of Henry, Ronaldo, and Tyson, so he is basically un-stopable. And then you have the boring through ball merchants, how they get any pleasure out of this I don't know, Konami have made the through ball way too effective.

    I am not playing ranked matches anymore, its just too frustrating. You have the average players chosing Inter or Barca or Man utd, and then, through ball, through ball....I even played someone who said he supported Leeds Utd, and he went Man Utd, how can you do that! these people dont have any pride. On top of all this you have the pause cheats, and you have slow down. Until something is fixed I am hanging up my boots.
  3. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    completley agree. although im kind of guilty lol. On player matches i have no problem picking crappy teams, i once beat france with my home nation (wales :) and he wasn't pleased lol).

    but i have to admit, i generally stick with man utd mostly on ranked games - mainly because its the team i support and i love their counter attacking style.

    the only players who piss me off are the ones who stick with barcelona or brazil, then rely on ronaldhinio to dribble through everyone and tap it in.
  4. gfunk

    gfunk SPL

    18 July 2005
    Its so frustraiting - I lose games against Barca and Chelsea etc by one goal all the time purely because they have an abundance of fast players, making it an advantage to even the most skill-less dickhead

    the most satisfaction Ive had on LIVE was beating Barca 3-0 with Newcastle - the Barca players handle was "HAMMER SINCE 78"!!!! Why not just go West Ham, mate, they're not bad!
  5. Rich04

    Rich04 Non-League

    30 December 2004
    Castleford, West Yorkshire
    Super Leeds!!!
    I always wait until the other person picks their team and then pick a side that pretty much matches them. The problem is, a lot of the time i end up been bigger teams becuase they always got for Barca etc, its getting very boring :(
  6. Pickford

    Pickford Banned

    10 February 2006

    At first i didnt agree with you i thought you should just play with the best teams and win. I have had a major re think now i play for about 1 hour a night, and the only team i play against is bloody Barca/real/chelski/man u. This is seriously getting to me now, but you are right these players have no skill give the ball to ronaldinho run...... score every bloody time. Now i have started rotating my teams from manc city (my team) to udinese and i am getting more joy from it. The reason i started playing with these lesser teams is it definatly improves your ability on the game. My record is 69%, i was playing some guy about 2 weeks ago he's was around 55% and he chose Fiorentina i was velencia this guy give me a right battering 3-0 pass pass pass pass goal. He was bloody good any way this is the guy who give me the idea to play with ok team not superteams. If you can adapt and win with these so called lesser teams then i belive you have a good grasp on the game. So in short people your precious record means nothing to anyone except YOU. So stop being the same teams all the bloody time, try and enjoy yourself dont care to much about the result and have fun.
  7. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    It's a bit of a tough one; on the one hand, people pay their £40/£50 and so should be able to pick whichever team they want. It's the same with every game; if you race on PGR, you're not going to pick anything but the fastest car, are you? On the other hand, playing the same game of football against the same team every night of the week is boring, frustrating and is enough to put you off the game entirely.

    I've said before, I think there should be some kind of online league that you can create yourself, only letting in people who meet certain conditions (e.g. the team they pick must be rated as three stars or less). That way, the 90% who go Barcelona and Brazil day after day can have their fun, and the 10% who want a different match every day can play against a variety of different teams (I wouldn't even mind playing Chelsea, Man U etc. to be honest, if it was only twice a season and then for the rest of the season you played every other team, e.g. Portsmouth, Bolton, Charlton).
  8. gfunk

    gfunk SPL

    18 July 2005
    good thinking, but its bloody hard getting into a league as all seem started. im up for setting one up - have started a forum thread so register interest if u lot are kean too
  9. RAISH


    19 June 2004
    I just hate the brazil fanboys, get a life nooobs, love going Argentina to own them too.

    I'd love to go Rangers Vs Celtic with you mate, its about time HIBS and HEARTS were in Pro Evo aswell.
  10. jambotommy

    jambotommy Praying for the miracle..

    7 August 2004
    One day mate...One day !!!

  11. Gekko64

    Gekko64 League 2

    2 May 2006
    problem is, lower teams's stats are redicolous, seriously underrated and totally utter bull-poo. until they pay someone to let me enjoy a realistic lecce udinese or hearts , I'll be sure to choose barca because it is at least 80% realistic and not "??? who's that guy??? well let's just give him crappy stats since he plays in a lower team". well screw that, konami!
  12. gfunk

    gfunk SPL

    18 July 2005
    its just so frustrating, cause most of the chelsea/barca/brazil guys suck, but get counter attack goals by pace and overly-skilled SUPER players (adriano etc)

    ive lost 32 games and about 25 of those are by one goal scored by SUPER player when i have been all over some pisspoor gamer for the whole of the game
  13. marsmanic

    marsmanic Patchin' N00b

    1 May 2006
    Blackburn Rovers!
    hey sheildslfc i agree people should play as lesser teams, i play as Le mans, Blackburn or Ajax [if i'm playing against a top top top team] but i don't agree with your through ball theory, i like to play throughball as it is a very tactical move to pull off looking at the maps more often than the pitch waiting for the perfect moment for your midfielder to find the striker making the run, they you gotta out run the defender and beat the keeper with the pressure on. I been doing this since pes 3 and find it very effective... My mate always beat me when he was inter and i was a worse team like 1 - 0, 2 - 0 so i played as inter aswell and beat him 6 - 0 it is a big difference.
  14. marsmanic

    marsmanic Patchin' N00b

    1 May 2006
    Blackburn Rovers!
    And rich i do the same thats why in last 5 games i've been bloody inter when i really want to be Blackburn but if i did that no chance of me scoreing and loseing 5 - 0 to a rubbish player with adriano just really frustrates me
  15. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    cmon though, is playing against man utd really that bad? its not like their unbeatable? sort rooney out and you have the advantage.

    started playing with AC milan now as well.

    i dont think i should play as crap teams just because some people are complaining, and to be honest, the crap teams are more likely to provide a pretty boring goalless match.

    i played as wales once against trinidad and tobago, 15 mins of midfield play, i nearly fell asleep

    but still, ban barca and brazil lol, the other teams i dont mind
  16. heartless

    heartless Non-League

    10 September 2005
    in pgr3 i use mostly class b-d cars in my races i love the gallardo /se

    and race real good tracks which by far the best is the nurburgring nordschleife/behemoth real tracks where the super cars do funk all

    when we race we use the same class race cars which makes it a game of driving skill rather than red ones go faster ferrari material

    as for pro i stopped playing ranked games cause of the pause cheats you know them with new cheats mark average scored 3 average concieded0 on their records and the worst thing is you cant refuse them so you are stuck with a cheating bastard

    all day yesterday i was on pro6 as an experiment to see which team is the most used online and i can reveal that arsenal are by far the most used(OVERRATED) team in the game63 games and 41 of them were against arsenal at club level and at international level 30 games was brazil and france 16-14 in brazil favor

    but what really pisses me off is the little arseholes ho cant take a beating fair and square i choose serbia as my national side on pro 6 so i beat these pricks and the send me bad feedback cause they get beat!

    i try to play different folk on pro 6 but i end up just playing my friendslist as everyone else uses the same 10 teams online

    play pro with a lesser team and beat the slags you get bad feedback from 90% of players cause you have shattered the illusions of the newbie players that they are good at pro

    yeterday i went a real low rankes team in the game livorno and the asswipe i played jumpoed to arsenal and just did through balls so when he kept doing it i fouled the funk out of his players got 4 guys sent off and scored dome og's for him and it was like listening to a guy get a gobble off a burd for the firs time he was loving it!!!!!
    4 nil!ugh,ugh,ugh,ughughhhhhhhhhh(splat)!

    so after the torrent of abuse i get i tell him pick a team other than the slag aresenal and i will kick your ass,did he did he funk,he would not choose an other team and refused to play without arsenal,guys like this are ruining what is a flawed masterpiece of football

    like i say super team slags are newbies no skill just all mouth and no trousers

  17. shieldslfc

    shieldslfc League 1

    25 April 2004
    marsmanic your right it is a craft, well it used to be as in pes3-5 it was harder to pull off, but in 6 it is a lot easier, too easy in fact. They have definately tweaked it by either making the strikers runs better or the through ball better. So much in fact that any noob can pull off killer through balls all through a game, and if thats to Adriano, game over.

    And SuicydeSnake no one is asking you to, its just annoying that if you pick your own team (you support), and your a decent player, you lose your advantage if some average (I support Charlton, but I am going Man Utd) player goes one of the overated teams with unstopable players. So your being forced into picking a team you dont like because of the massive difference in the stats. I have no problem with people picking the big teams if they really do support them, but judging by the people I have played on Live, the majority support Man Utd, Barca, Inter, and Brazil. very strange
  18. IceMan_Bergkamp

    IceMan_Bergkamp Total Football

    9 December 2002
    London, Toronto
    I still don't understand, that with this supposed link with FM/CM, why Konami do not use the stats. Ok, they are not 100% perfect, but it still beats giving players stats in the 50/60's!
  19. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    I play the game to win so i pick a team thats suits me best

    be it france, brazil, chelsea, arsenal ect i will stick with them and tailor the formation to make me even beter.
  20. ch8rt

    ch8rt Guest

    I'm a random boy myself. I would be there for ages deciding who to be each time if I want to be different teams. So I just let the computer decide who I am. It makes me enjoy the challenge alot more.

    Since I started doing random I've almost been dissappointed when the opponent picks a similar quality team? Which is just plain wierd. I've become addicted to the challenge.
  21. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    i played a player and ranked matches today, what a difference.

    one one hand - player matches, (i really didnt care for the result as i was only testing if i was going to get lag) so i chose USA! lol, the other guy chose Japan (kudos!). the only disadvantage being it wasn't really that exciting and ended 0-0.

    then with ranked matches (as AC Milan) i played against Inter...Inter...Inter...Arsenal...Inter...(repeat) but they ended being really competitive and exciting.

    so meh, which is better?
  22. FleaFly

    FleaFly Conference

    19 August 2006
    agree with thread starter. I love football, and that's what I want to play that, not a icehockey type of football. The only "super" team I play is Man Utd because it's my favourite team. I'm playing better when I play Tottenham though, don't know why, I'm probably more focused on playing good. And I love playing against people that plays Inter or Arsenal and always pass the ball to Henry/Adriano, I stop them all the time and they still keep passing to them!

    Also love the ones that plays Brazil and have problems deciding wich player to pass to, Adriano or Ronaldinho, so they hold the ball to long lol.
    Sometimes I wonder if you guys on this site complaining about how the player kicks the ball to far ahead, or the button lag,
    are the kind of people that think football is running fast straight ahead, and play the ball past the keeper for Adriano to put it.

    It's VERY VERY common for players to miss super chances, just look at Man Utd's Ronaldo. I don't know if that's the button lag people are talking about though, since the only "lag" I know of is corners etc. Tip : use the super cancel shot feint before shooting, after you have done your precious cutback
  23. MasterM

    MasterM League 2

    14 July 2003
    Inter must be the biggest team in Pro Evo. When i choose them im nearly impossible to beat, mainly because the Inter players almost automatically chase the ball and win all duels. You always have the edge when you choose Inter.
    And when u play Inter with a lesser team, you don't have the edge. Meaning your players will stand still, run slower to loose balls, they will not run into space and passes will be less accurate etc..
    I think this is the main reason why people choose bigger teams, konami should cut this artificial advantage, because it ruins the game
  24. jaygrim

    jaygrim TheAllSeeingEye

    26 July 2005
    Man Utd
    I only play with Man U, sorry.
  25. pata

    pata Guest

    lol, Tottenham seems to work for me too and I don't know why...
    I've experienced the opposite as well, there are certain good teams which I just cannot play well with, the worst one being Lyon.

    Generally I lose quite a lot but I think my mistake is that I play the game the way I like football to be, i.e. I run circles around people with Lennon, do that extra stepover with Cristiano Ronaldo and always go for Goal, try long range shots etc. rather than playing a 2-throughball-to-superstriker strategy.

    I often pick my teams depending on the opponent, so if someone takes Celtic, I'll take Rangers etc. to have fun matchups but as everyone has mentioned before it's usually Arsenal/Barca/Chelsea/Real/ManU/Brasil... :(
  26. heartless

    heartless Non-League

    10 September 2005



    i could not give a flying funk that YOU go big teams to win it just shows how easy you want pro for your self you dont work at a win.

    poor show from a mod :applause:
  27. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    haha a poor show because i dont agree?

    Like i say i play to win and im not going to win being tottenham vs Real, inter ect ect am i now! and when u choose a top team the other player chooses a top team so how u work out that its easy is beyond me

    you can be the best player in the world but you are going to struggle to create chances and you can forgot about finishing em when u do.

    And how am i being a top team a "super team slag". Im a world class team who challenge for titles, so im sorry that the leagues are so poor theres little to choose from.

    From what i have read i think ur just shit at the game and cant compete with people who are decent teams
  28. FleaFly

    FleaFly Conference

    19 August 2006
    if this is what runners of this site think about PES I have to stop using this gay site. I thought this forum was for PES players that are SKILLED in the game of football, not the icehockey Adriano/Henry type of players
  29. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    some people talk some shit. Like there is no skill in using big teams. get a grip man
  30. FleaFly

    FleaFly Conference

    19 August 2006
    of course there is, but SKILL is not timing your cutback right every time. skill is mastering the game in general, every move, knowing how to defend, and so on. I don't know you, so sorry if it seems it was only directed to you.. but 90% of people I'm playing choose inter to play icehockey. I've met some blokes that play Inter that whooped my without plaing like the roadrunner (meep meep)!. They use their skill to pass around,mixing short and long pass, and scoring scissor kick, bisycle kick goals. and I love to meet these people even though they kick my ass, because I love a real challenge, and a real challenge is not playing against Inter/Barca slaves that ONLY relies on through balls or cutbacks.

    I feel I explained myself better this time, so sorry for beeing a knob in my last post :)
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