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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by v3marko, 1 May 2006.

  1. v3marko

    v3marko Premiership

    8 June 2005
    My new Master League season is starting tonight. I know you allready talked about this, but is it harder to play on 5 or 6 stars??????
    And what is the main diference.
  2. uknicknickuk

    uknicknickuk Champions League

    11 May 2005
    Manchester United
    is the league online?
  3. v3marko

    v3marko Premiership

    8 June 2005
    No mate.
  4. Riggs_Rx

    Riggs_Rx Holland in da Finals!!!

    *Topic moved, this is not Editing related*
  5. ninjabreakz

    ninjabreakz Guest

    Can anyone explain the difference?
  6. On 6* play generally goes faster, and the cpu cheats on you more open and often(expect alot of 89th minute equalisers)
  7. ninjabreakz

    ninjabreakz Guest

    Thought so - cheers mate. :)

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