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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by vanzandt, 26 July 2007.

  1. vanzandt

    vanzandt The answer must be Jam

    26 July 2007
    Could someone give me a pointer as to where I can download best option file for PES6 on the ps2?

    I guess people must be updating some at the moment given the transfer window.....anyway if someone could point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it.
  2. vanzandt

    vanzandt The answer must be Jam

    26 July 2007
    Not very helpful so far.

    Doesn't give a good impression to this first time poster..........:(
  3. jag87

    jag87 Non-League

    31 May 2003
    Download Section mate. Wouldn't kill you to open your eyes
  4. vanzandt

    vanzandt The answer must be Jam

    26 July 2007
    It wouldn't have hurt for the 19 or so people who viewed the thread to have offered help and it wouldn't have hurt you to have helped without resorting to a snide remark.

    When people are new to a site they are not always familiar with the surroundings.

    Also I didn't think it would have hurt for someone to have given an up-to-date opinion on the question I asked, you know an opinion from someone more versed in matters than I am…

    Amazing the way you get unreasonable remarks from people just because they are sat behind a monitor, courtesy/reasonableness costs nothing.
  5. TheSteeeeels

    TheSteeeeels Banned

    25 July 2007
    Shut up.
  6. vanzandt

    vanzandt The answer must be Jam

    26 July 2007
    Ok, I will.

    I'm not bothering with this site.
  7. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
  8. vanzandt

    vanzandt The answer must be Jam

    26 July 2007

  9. Wlionheart

    Wlionheart Non-League

    27 March 2006
    Be nice dudes.

    It's a forum. People post questions, people answer them.

    Good job Ninja.
  10. samsung123

    samsung123 Guest

    hey im new to this i need a patch 4 ps2 to update pes 6 plz i need help
    any1 can some1 give me a patch for ps2 where can i download afta ive downloaded then how do i put it on my ps2 im not buyin a maxdrive
  11. samsung123

    samsung123 Guest

    hey there i am new 2 this since ur the master i need ur help wiv da option file
    i desperatly need it okay so i want the option ifle on ps2 and ig ot pes 6 so can u send me an email with the option file 4 ps2 english version with the kits stadiums players e.g eduardo,sagna etc and plzzzzzzzzzzzzz cud u help me with this my email is jnaidtheking@hotmail.com any1 once i download it how to i put it on my ps2 plz not maxdrive i dont have1 ppl say u dont need one u can use a normail usb i need ur help w/b i really aprrreiatei it thank you
  12. MostoAUS

    MostoAUS Guest

    Hi, a mate directed me to this forum told me that there are option files available here with all the correct names and likenesses etc, and maybe even one with A-league teams, where can I get one? I have an X-port to get it on to my memory card... and by the way I can't find the download section that you are referring to jag87, could you please post a link?
  13. ray 2007

    ray 2007 ray LFC 2007

    26 September 2007
    hey i am new here so im sorry if im wasting your time. i have a chipped ps2 n wondered how i can can get kits,badges etc onto my game either pes5/6. it would be a great deal if you could help me.

    i dont really have a clue how to do it or what i max drive is so if u can help thanxs

  14. valroy

    valroy League 2

    4 August 2005
    in the downloading section there are a some excellent o/files milanista's V4 is the best one in my humble opinion, and it has all the up-to-date team rosters :)

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