Option File changed - made some BAD Online Expirience

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by jmx2222, 3 June 2007.

  1. jmx2222

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    25 May 2007
    hi every1!

    Last week i got the edited Cantona...Option File from the net (I think from here) and transfered it to my Memory Card.

    Ok ... now all the correct names are in-game (note: but not in network mode) and all the other stuff, but somehow the behaviour of my players during online games changed to worse: my defenders kept running away from the ball and even with a top-team I had no chance against some low-rated teams with an average human player (tested in ..User/Common/Friendly Lobby several times)

    Ok...I'm playin' just for fun playin' but still I was wonderin'.

    Then two or three days ago then as I wanted to play against a colleague I deleted the Edited OF (Option File) just before the game start and then we kicked it-off. I picked Barca I think and won 5:0 and 4:1 (colleague was playin with Chelsea both games) dominating also the time. Last night I(my rating is about 380 ATM) even won with Juve against a 600 Rating with 3:2 (then realized I wasn't in the Common/Friendly Lobby :lol: \\:o/

    ok...I'm just wonderin' if any1 else noticed somethin' similar??

    many greetz from Krautland...ehm...Germany

    PES6 Online Tag: ____70____
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