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Open Water

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by smango, 9 February 2005.

  1. smango

    smango Guest

    My initial thoughts on the movie, was that I expected it to be a typical story of survival that one might see on one of those "When Animals Attack" programs, but what I got was something much different.

    This striking film was shot on a low budget, but it's a great example of how the power of suggestion can be much more effective than the greatest of special effects. The actors were actually in the water with the sharks. :shock:

    The ending was a real suprise. Most importantly, I really had no idea where this movie was headed. And when we arrive at the end of the journey, I was quite shocked by the direction this film takes

    The Smango rating for this movie is 4/5 :applause:
  2. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    I quite enjoyed it. The random nudity scene was great as well, This woman has a great natural body.
  3. smango

    smango Guest

    Totally, that was a real suprise full frontal nudity.
  4. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Yeah it was quite good. Pretty scary to at points, not a big fan of those finned fucks. :eek:


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