Open letter to Adam Bhatti

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by gerd, 13 November 2015.

  1. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    Dear Adam,

    I realize that this a most unusual and very old fashioned way of contacting you. I’m not on Twitter and what i want to say is longer than what is possible on Twitter. So i write an open letter publish it on Evo-web and hope it somehow reaches you.

    Who am i? I am a 53 year old Belgian (not a native English speaker, so forgive me for all the incorrect English). I play the game since PES 1 and a couple of months ago somebody on Evo-web called me one of the 4 biggest PES fanboys on this site. So it’s safe to say that i’m rather positively inclined towards the game.

    Before i go further with this letter, i have to say something important. I know Adam, that you have received lots of personal insults in the past years. That is absurd. Nobody deserves internet thrashing. I’m also convinced that you have played a major role in the big steps forward that the franchise had made the last two years. Thank you very much for doing this.

    Nevertheless, this is an open letter with complaints. Don’t take it personally, i see you as some sort of go between between the European fans and the Konami hierarchy in Japan. In my professional life i have learned that complaints are not a nuisance, but an opportunity to make progress.

    Do we have reason to complain as PES costumers? I think we have, even as fanatics of a sports game… We got to admit, that buying a sports game year after year will always be some sort of rip-off. Fanatics like me buy the game yearly because they want to have the EPL with Bournemouth and not with QPR. We want Carpi in Serie A and Las Palmas in La Liga. This is the reason why each year we pay 60 euro’s and less so because the gameplay has evolved (there seem to be hunderds of people who still play PES6 and do these yearly updates themselves).

    What we also want, and what is among the bare essentials of sports games, is having the correct squad rosters. We expect them on launchday, maybe not in the game but at least with DLC on the first day. As a fanatic i’ve pre-ordered the game and i was very disappointed when i saw that not a single transfer was done and that we had to wait more than a month for roster updates via DLC. As a long time customer i think this is unacceptable. I’m convinced that you feel exactly the same about this as most customers. After all, the last two years the franchise has taken giant leaps forwards gameplaywise, but this is totally overshadowed by something that should be merely cosmetic… On the various forums there are people who are able to do all the transfers in one or two days…so this should certainly be possible for professionals. Konami let us down here.

    People who don’t have the time to do all this editing have waited for end octobre to begin their ML campaigns in order to have the correct sqaud rosters. We now know that even this was not possible for Konami. What happened is that once again a game was released too soon. Konami focused only on My Club and a release before FIFA16 and treated it’s customers like ordinary cash cows. This is inadmissable. Since PES1, i have bought every single game (on PS, Xbox and portable) even if the gameplay was attrocious (and you of all people knows that the lastgen games were attrocious, you saved us from that misery). We don’t deserve this.

    Konami should think about a form of compensation for this most unprofessional behaviour (and i’m not thinking about some balls and boots, i’m thinking about a real compensation: extra game modes or extra leagues).

    Should i mention the F-word and the EA-company? Yes i should. In the PS2 days Konami was the underdog and i forgvave them for the lack of licenses, i changed Roberto Larcos’ name and Merseyside Blue, because i had an abundance of time… and because Konami was the underdog. But underdogs take care of their costumers. Do you think we feel spoiled since PES6, Adam? I think you know the answer to this question. I don’t blame you for it, but i’m adressing you to pass the message to Japan…

    It’s time Konami develops a totally different marketing strategy. Most fans have enough of the announcement of an announcement about an upcoming patch or DLC. The people who buy all your games and who really care about the franchise are hurt by the general sloppyness of Konami. Shall i give you a recent example?

    A couple of days ago there was another annoucement of an announcement of upcoming DLC. As some sort of teaser Konami publishes pictures of Italy and Spain and their new kits. The first reaction of the fan is genuinely enthousiasm. Great, two licensed teams! But then you take a closer look and (thanks to the fantastich player models) you observe Veratti on the Italian national team picture. And then you see he has number 5 on his shorts and number 10 on his shirt. Is this important? Frankly and as a reasonable person (i hope so), no it isn’t. But it’s one of the hunderds of litle things that are wrong. Shall i give you another example? I Already said that i’m Belgian. For Japanese people we are far away and a tiny litle country. At the moment i write this, we are number one on the FIFA ranking. When i look at the Belgian squad i nthe game, i see players who have stopped as international (Ciman and i remeber well Van Buyten) or players who aren’t selected anymore (Vandenborre). There is one Belgian team in the game. As a Belgian football fan i would like to see a licensed Jupiler League, but i do understand that Konami has other priorities. After all we are a small country and (more important) a small market. So i can understand the decision to include only one Belgian team (but didn’t there used to be two Belgian teams?). Somebody at Konami opted for champions AA Gent. This is an excellent choice, that team are Belgian champions. Let’s take a look at the squad roster now. Does Gent have superstars? No. The team has good players. One of them is upcoming talent Brecht De Jaegere. He is an AMF, SMF or sometimes WB. In the game he is a CB. He never, ever played as a CB. This is the equivalent of the Real Madrid roster with Cristiano Ronaldo as a CB. IMO this is outrageous. AA Gent and the way the team is treated in the game is the benchmark for PES in Belgium… Sadly, it turns out to be a big failure and thus a marketing disaster…

    Is each of these examples essential? Once again: no. Gameplay is essential and the game has taken a giant leap forward gameplaywise (athough i would love to see more fouls and still haven’t got a single penalty). I’m very happy with the gameplay. The examples that i mention are details, but there are dozens of details Konami got totally wrong. Another example: i’m playing a ML with Atletico Madrid. And in my first 7 matches, i only got one home game…Litle glitches like that spoil the game. The people who “make” the gameplay and people like you, don’t deserve this.

    I guess this letter must sound very negative to you. I’m truly sorry about this. You don’t deserve this after all the efforts you’ve made to make PES a better game. Perhaps i should end this letter on a positive note and try to offer som advice for the future. As a longstanding fan of the franchise, i feel i have the right to do that.

    What should you do next year?

    · Release the game when it’s finished, even if that is only in november.
    · Release a game that is similar to the demo and that doesn’t change after every patrch or DLC.
    · Give a forum (= a server) to the community who edits things like kits, stadiums, balls and other things. If this isn’t possible due to licensing issues, communicate about it with the fans. This is important.
    · Release a game with the correct squad rosters and this for each and every team. Surely in every country there are people who want to help you. I would do it for free for Belgian teams, and thousands of other people would do the same thing.
    · Give us valuable DLC (new leagues).
    · Try to have as much licensed leagues as possible, and why not go for leagues from litle football countries. There are thousands of players who like to play with other teams than AC Milan and Manchester United.
    · Give us more stadiums.
    · Make the game much more customizable (why isn’t it possible to have a European team with the Saitana stadium as home stadium in the ML?).
    · Why not use gameplay sliders?
    · Have an eye for details. They are less important than gameplay, but they do matter. EA has an ey for details.
    · Don’t accept personal insults, but listen to fans who care about the franchise. We are your future, even old men like me.
    · Take a look at the NBA2K franchise. That is an example of how a sports game should be.

    I wish you and your colleagues luck with future editions of this great franchise, even if my wife will not agree with that statement.

    Thanks for all the hard work and for listening to me.

    Gerd De Keyser
  2. Elja

    Elja How's it guys?

    11 October 2015
    Really hope this letter reaches him and I hope he does care
  3. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    Great work my friend, like always :))
  4. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Best community ever.

    Good luck with it, Gerd. I'm a born pessimist, and I've sent countless letters like this over the years (but not to Adam admittedly) to no reply/reaction.

    I truly hope that one gets the message through.
  5. PES Russia

    PES Russia PES Russia

    17 January 2014
    Last edited: 13 November 2015
  6. Chief Inspector Grobelaar

    Chief Inspector Grobelaar League 2

    18 September 2012
    Once Caldas
    Well said Gerd. It's a very fair letter and you've put your ideas across very thoughtfully. I too hope it gets taken on board by Adam.

    And for a guy who's first language isn't English- that letter has been constructed beautifully. Hats off to you fella!
  7. chiefrocka4real

    chiefrocka4real Champions League

    30 August 2013
    many :)
    Very well written!

    I hope your effort will be noticed and will have good results.
  8. theepexpress

    theepexpress Non-League

    7 October 2011
    Montreal, Canada

    Good work Gerd, very well written letter, Hope it get's through and has the desired effect. Thank You.

    Best Regards.
  9. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
  10. gerd

    gerd Retired Footballer

    8 January 2002
    Over the moon
    KRC Genk, Spurs
    Thanks for the support everybody!
    Good idea to tweet this...
  11. RockyJJP

    RockyJJP FIFA fan, PES lover

    24 April 2006
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Manchester United
    Great Letter. Put it out into the universe, it will reach its destination.
  12. TrueGrand

    TrueGrand Non-League

    26 September 2015
    Good Job Gerd!
  13. milenec11

    milenec11 League 2

    12 August 2003
    i have to add this
    i clearly recall that adam state that konami is going to contact with the local editors worlwide in order to take the correct stats and info for each one player.
    I assure you as a product manager in one of major editing sites in Greece that no one contact with us .
    And the results? Simillar as Gent AA
    pr. Vouros is a CB not RB
    k.TSIMIKAS is left back left footed not CB right footed
    even well known p.KASAMI played as SS when in u17 ?????!!!!!!!
    and this are very little of the slovenly work that konami did in the rosters
    even the so called mistake in the recent DLC .. i believe that have make by kobami's choice in order to delay any try of editors to fix the mess and make tha missing rosters and game proper.
    if you believe not then why they didn't relaese a transfer dlc , only without any other element ?
    they have the data by the live update.
    they did it deliberately
    HARSH maybe but i believe has a point think about it just think
    this is not a slopy job
  14. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    Great letter, well done Gerd, its from the heart.

    Only disagree with sliders, well i dont mind sliders if they are implemented properly!

    Sliders need to be released with Konami tested presets!

    There should 'Arcade' 'medium' 'Simulation' preset sliders which Konami have tested and given the OK which connect with the core engine which can be changed from there. not like EA who just put them out there and people spend ages finding one set which works for a bout a month, then have to change it again and again.

    If Smackdown on the PS2/PS3 could do this with ease i see nothing stopping Konami and EA from doing this.
  15. GeladoBom

    GeladoBom Banned

    17 September 2015
    FC Penafiel
    For the first time. THANK YOU. Let's relax and wait.
  16. geeeeee

    geeeeee Console not PC! Mods & patches mean nothing to me!

    2 May 2010
    Tottenham Hotspur
    I normally skip through long posts, but that was very well done and very well written Gerd.

    Thanks for your efforts. :)
  17. GoodOldBakes

    GoodOldBakes Shoreham Boy

    6 November 2007
    Sheffield, UK
    Sheffield United FC
    Good letter Gerd and I wish you all the best but I'm done with this game now. I'm fed up with the same scripted gameplay year on year. I'm fed up with the AI always finding the bottom corner while I play with shooting assistance off. I'm fed up with them always finding their man with ping-pong passes while I play with passing assistance off. I'm fed up with never getting a foul awarded against the AI while my players are pulled up for the slightest discretion. It's just not enjoyable anymore and the more time I play this, the less time I play Dirt Rally - which is how a sim should be made and how developers should listen to their customers and players. Konami could learn so much from Codemasters.

    Good luck with your letter Gerd but I think we all know how much notice will be taken of it.
  18. Hawke

    Hawke ♫ Celery , Celery ♫ Staff

    19 January 2005
    Well done Gerd...that's a cracking letter,valid points all.
  19. animal793

    animal793 Non-League

    25 April 2015
    no one will care about it even if u send this to them. Konami got deep in ass words of customers

    This is ugly truth
  20. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.

    In your opinion.
  21. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    If they really cared why would some of the same issues of 15 still be in 16
  22. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.
    Debate it in the discussion thread instead of turning someones positive action into yet another negative laden thread please.
  23. F*ckthePES2008reviewers

    F*ckthePES2008reviewers Non-League

    12 January 2008
    I haven't posted here in a loooong time but I didn't stop playing the game...Although I applaud Gerd's open letter the reality is this:
    I work for a FMCG company myself soI know how the stuff works as.

    Where we as players read CONSUMERS (because that's what the people @ KONAMI call you during their meetings) think that if we come up with suggestions and tips and advise KONAMI is going to listen...well my friends, 95% of the times YOUR WRONG..There are only 2 things KONAMI cares about...erm maybe 3.. Gross Margin,Turnover and Market Share. That means that your suggestions mean f*ck ol most of the time.
    The people at the office are just looking at how they can "re-heat" the soup the most clever way, lower cost, generate more turnover and thus margin. So you have to make choices. What are we going to add, AND what are we going to give a makeover.

    Main reason is that the modern versions of PES they are marketed more towards a younger audience, which makes sense because more kids know about football, more play and more will potentially buy the game aaaaand lets face it they're easily convinced/satisfied.
    So, when Konami programmers actually do come to look for issues from consumers they'll be overwhelmingly met with comments on sites stating.. "10/10"..."5/5"..."5 Stars"..."Great Game!"..."Best yet!"..."love you Konami" ...and if they manage to trawl beyond that, somewhere near the middle they might see something alone the lines of "Could you change the goal keeper gloves from orange to green?"..."I don't like the Chilean away kits"..."I don't like the pillars in stadium X they aren't like the real ones"...and then below those buried away (on sites like this) they'll eventually (if at all) uncover the REAL fundamental problems with the actual working mechanics of the game problems such as scripting, AI banding, lack of pathing etc. So when you think about it the same kids just help skew the chance to real changes getting through.

    Also Konami is not doing anything different than other developers.
    A pretty large amount of the development purse is spent on licencing of players, associations, and teams, so leaving very little for the actual developmental work - the real changes to a game these days come in the shape of how it is marketed. Simply pay the major visible game sites for glowing reviews/awards and slap some Champions League celebrity on the front of the game then flood the internet with hype. This all takes revenue, so think what is actually left for core development on an interactive or mechanical level, and that's before you start adding the deductions for Piracy, I'd say not much.
    That's why in general PC users are treated as shit, case in point see how the "next-gen" looks on PC.
    In fact I can safely vouch that the coding for gameplay for PES has not changed in any fundamental way since PES 2008 - the same niggling problems and pathing restrictions applied then as they do now.

    So my friends we need to hope that they are ACTUALLY WILLING to do something or we must put our hope on independant developers to push KONAMI beyond their moneygrabbing comfort zone
    Last edited: 15 November 2015
  24. jihado86

    jihado86 Attacking Midfielder

    10 July 2008
    Real Madrid
    totally agree with this post, am totally fed up with Konami that I had to admitt that FIFA is now better.
  25. P34SEMM

    P34SEMM @iam_emmo

    2 November 2011
    Liverpool FC
    Its a better package. But not the better game. But thats for a different thread!
  26. robbieryan

    robbieryan I dream of occasional fanzine mentions

    21 August 2011
    well said gerd
  27. Zeus

    Zeus League 2

    24 March 2008
    FC Middlesbrough
    It's a great letter and PES has still a community trying to do, improve, make...

    So I'll just leave this here:
  28. saintric

    saintric Premiership

    9 October 2007
    very well written and well put hopefully he see's it that would at least be something if he tried to encourage the pes staff above him to act on it who knows?

    its kinda sad that somewhere in PES 16 is a very very good game given the resources they have if you could have the ref the gk and the AI shooting variation improved/fixed for starters you could give this game a solid 8/10 and it would be playable for 12 months like a game on an annual release should be
  29. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    I've also tweeted this to Adam and officialpes. Retweet too if you like.

    Good one Gerd :)

    Last edited: 17 November 2015
  30. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Well done mate.

    Nice post.


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