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Only me still playing WE9?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by JeJe, 10 August 2006.

  1. JeJe

    JeJe Conference

    23 May 2003
    I was very dissapointed about WE10 like many others when it was released. Too arcade like in my opinion, and i didn`t care to play more than 3 or 4 matches. That`s the first time i`ve just resigned from a new version, i`ve always tried to adjust and eventually i`ve gotten used to it, but not this time. But now as i see that most of you who were skeptical from the start have converted i`m considering to give it a second chance. How has your impressions developed since the release?
  2. profit90

    profit90 Forza Reggina

    28 August 2004
    Reggina Calcio
    yes, it is only you... we10 is way better.
  3. spaceman

    spaceman League 2

    18 June 2003
    I,m still playing WE9-JL tiss the best. I also can't stand WE10 come back to it now and again and every time i'm dissapointed in it, too many problems that i just can't let go. Fingers crossed for PES6..
  4. jc_denton

    jc_denton Non-League

    4 August 2006
    I'm thinking of doing the same, i so want to love WE10 but it's far too Arcade like at the moment for me. I still want to start a ML first and see how that goes before i go back to WE9 though... The game just seems weird to me. I've noticed that the game blatantly gives you opertunity windows to score in, you can be pressing the opposition for 80mins of a match with not a single shot, then all of a sudden a window opens and you score 3 or 4 in a row. It's very frustrating at the moment and not satisfying in the least. It seems with WE10 the more i play it the worse it gets unlike previous Winning Elevens. Anyhow i'll try and stay positive until i've started a ML because that's all that counts for me.
  5. JeJe

    JeJe Conference

    23 May 2003
    You = Awesome... ... ... ...

    Jc Denton: I SO feel you, i want to love it too.

    Let`s not bring back the We10 bashing, but i just want to know if anyone hated it first have learned to like it.
  6. knh4

    knh4 Championship

    21 October 2002
    Man Utd
    Still playing WE9. Tried WE10 a few days ago again but really cant get into it. Seems too easy and doesnt really acquire any skill to score goals. Multi player is whats really let me down...just goal after goal even with minimum effort. Big big disappointment and hopefully from what ive heard Pro Evo 6 is going to be a much better balanced game.

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