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Online Transfers Patch 2007/08

Discussion in 'Online Gaming' started by clarity, 10 June 2007.

  1. clarity

    clarity Editor

    22 November 2006
    ok admins if it's against ur rules or anything pls remove it immediately but im only providing the actual transfers that happened in reality no super teams and the transfers are :-

    Luca Toni (Fiorentina > Bayern Munchen)
    Nani (Sporting Lisbon > Manchester United)
    Owen Hargreeves (Bayern Muchen > Manchester United)
    Anderson (FcPorto > Manchester United)
    Pizzaro (Bayern Munchen > Chelsea)
    Roberto (carlos > Fernbache)
    Iquinta (Udinese > Juventus)
    Frank Ribery (OM > Bayern Muchen):(

    : (The Real Oliver Khan to Bayern Muchen his name is "huber" in the national team)

    Link http://download.yousendit.com/8A72F274250D8729

    Installation :-

    Just apply patch in folder and locate ur 0_text enjoy\\:o/

    ill keep you updated with new links and new transfers in this thread
  2. 103SpooKy

    103SpooKy Die hard Arjen Robben fan

    27 July 2006
    The Netherlands
    i made those changes myself, + sidwell and alex to chelsea
    so as salihamidzic to juventus, and grygera...

    i dunno how to make it a patch tho,
    But decent teams are legal
  3. Kaiser

    Kaiser PES Enthusiast

    3 July 2003
    I think this will become a locked topic soon:roll:
  4. clarity

    clarity Editor

    22 November 2006
    i dont understand why i never included one super team or wrong transfer just updates for every1 who is will to play this game till they some how manage to get their hands on the next release :( im just offering more update not giving an upper hand to any1

    but again who ever thinks its againt forum rules delete it right away i won't feel negative:x:
  5. 103SpooKy

    103SpooKy Die hard Arjen Robben fan

    27 July 2006
    The Netherlands
    Why this should be locked?

    Or the thread: http://evo-web.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=39943
  6. loki.be

    loki.be Mad God

    26 September 2005
    Is it possible to modify the name of the players too?
    I mean I would be really happy to play with correct players names instead of some crappy names..
  7. 103SpooKy

    103SpooKy Die hard Arjen Robben fan

    27 July 2006
    The Netherlands
    Nope thats not possible
  8. chucker

    chucker Conference

    14 February 2006
    is ronaldo gone to ac milan on this
  9. Iori Yagami

    Iori Yagami The master of KoF XI

    1 November 2006
    São Paulo F.C.
    to which game is that patch? WE PES 2007 for X360? is there a forum to help me apply it?
  10. J-vader

    J-vader Guest

    how do i download this 'update/patch' thing so i can play with updated teams online on my ps3. i don't wanna cheat i just want ribery and toni at bayern munich. cos bayern are a bit shit on the game at the moment.

    any help would really really really be appreciated.
  11. justica

    justica Non-League

    12 July 2007
    I've used the patch of 103spooky and i'am very happy with the transfers. The clubs transfer works well.

    I have only one question, is it possible to make to return adriana, kaka and ronaldo in brazil again?? Brazil sucks without them.... They will play for brazil in the future, players like love and valdes only played for the copa americas...
  12. 103SpooKy

    103SpooKy Die hard Arjen Robben fan

    27 July 2006
    The Netherlands
    actually not justica,
    Adriano didnt play since WC06, and after WC06 theres a coach change and this coach dunga don't want Adriano and ronaldo back to the squad. But kaka and ronaldinho are still there to play for brazil... and they didnt play copa america but ARE in the normal squad ;)
  13. J-vader

    J-vader Guest

    can i download a patch to work onlinbe on my ps3???????????
  14. carra23

    carra23 Non-League

    13 October 2006

    Play with the original squads!!!!
  15. vincef

    vincef League 2

    16 July 2003
    its not cheating, why playing with the old fashioned teams when u can have the updated ones ?
  16. ambiguous

    ambiguous Non-League

    25 December 2006
    Thanks A lot

    Can I get like this for (we : pes 2007) ps2 ???
  17. yacine

    yacine AUX AAAAAAAARMES !!

    17 December 2003
    Olympique de Marseille
    There are lot of persons who play their lifes !
    I play with online patch and it's simply amazin.
    When you love football, you love playing with new squads.
    A person told me I was a cheater because of Ronaldo in Milan !! But when I take Madrid (without Ronaldo and R.Carlos) he told me nothing...Pathetic !!
  18. Pure2

    Pure2 Non-League

    12 August 2007
    HAs this got Henry to barca etc and does this work on ps2?

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