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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Conigol, 16 April 2006.

  1. Conigol

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    12 December 2005
    I have the biggest scandinavian PS2 and PC league with over 130 members.

    We also have a PC league for Europeans but as I don't have time to administrate it and the guys that did quit I wonder if theres someone that want to both play in the league and update tables and stuff and manage it and be the boss.

    If theres someone interested leave your mail and I will send details about tools for helping the update and stuff.
    If theres someone interested we will expand the english section and you will make it after your taste and choice but you must be:

    *Good with people,
    *Have enough free time for playing and managing it.

    I know how to make the league big as the scandinavian and even bigger IF you can handle the managing I will help cause I am the owner of the whole site and forum.

    They played a season or two before the European league died. But before we can make it serious again I need this.

    The site is and ofcourse if the EU league will get big I weill make a domain for .com or something.

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