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online is back to normal and works perfectly!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by only1ronaldo, 5 November 2006.

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  1. only1ronaldo

    only1ronaldo My Season My Style

    4 August 2005
    Real Madrid
    Just wanted to give a shout to those who skipped online because of server issues.

    Yeah finally some big heads at Konami HQ fixed :applause: their servers so we can really enjoy online mode now. Everything works flawlessly : joining rooms, creating rooms, joining competitions and such. No more halftime disconnections (I didn't have any). Only thing that is not enabled is results viewer but it will be turned on soon I guess.

    So what are you waiting for, jump in, servers are already crowded people noticed the improvement hehe :square:

    Oh and I'm talking about PS2 but it's pretty obvious that they did some global fix you know what I mean 8)
  2. Thanks for the heads-up Ronny!
  3. timsmith10000

    timsmith10000 LEICESTER CITY!

    18 August 2003
    Changing servers and entering a lobby still takes a while (well an hour ago) but once you are in, yeah its perfect apart from the odd second or two.
  4. mrshah

    mrshah League 2

    11 May 2006
    Any chance of playing patched pes6 online?
  5. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
  6. BURNA


    26 April 2006
    I do.
  7. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
    There's no legal way of doing that as it involves steps we don't tolerate discussing over here.
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