Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by terry-tibbs, 7 November 2007.

  1. terry-tibbs

    terry-tibbs Banned

    7 September 2007
    has any1 got any news on when the next official patch is likely to be ready? there is no help from konami apart from the same message that pops up everytime u try an go online, konami just seem to think were a bunch of mushrooms i.e shoved in the corner, kept in the dark an fed a pile of shite. an as for limiting the online game to 30fps!!! its frikin worse than ever!! i am startin to lose faith in young seabass, i seriously will be havin words with his mother next time i see her. much luv, good nite t t xxx
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  2. D_RokK

    D_RokK Non-League

    20 February 2005
    sheffield england
    its totally unacceptable! the ingame message says theyve fixed the server problem! load of rubbish still turning 50 ping into 4000 ping when starting game, its unplayable.
    ive emailed them demanding a refund!
  3. DZA187

    DZA187 Conference

    25 December 2006
    North East
    Newcastle United
    not fixed. the lag was awful for me today it's the 7th november and still no improvement. I read on other forum should be sorted for monday. Or was he talking about the monday gone :(

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