One thing that PES 2011 should rip from FIFA

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by El Pajaro, 24 August 2010.

  1. El Pajaro

    El Pajaro League 2

    14 May 2008
    ...and that's penalty shootout. Now the PES series penalties have absolutely ZERO tension and suspense. It's just way too quickly over.

    Look at Euro 2008 penalties... SO much better and slower tempo, while the camera occasionally zooms to the goalie and the fellow players. This kind of slower tempo shootout + replay of each penalty would be amazing.

    YouTube - UEFA Euro 2008 penalty shootout
  2. Bendit

    Bendit Champions League

    12 November 2005
    Great atmosphere and commentary.
  3. djika

    djika Banned

    4 June 2008

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