Oh the commentary. Petition/Campaign to get TTB as official Commentator

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by avok23, 7 December 2018.

  1. avok23

    avok23 League 1

    12 July 2005
    The commentary in this game makes me cry.
    It seems like it has gotten worse
    The whole traffic, weather and stadium intro is so dead
    The advanced tactic topics are also lame.
    You can predict when everything will be said.

    So I am wondering if there is any way to get Konami to change the commentator to TheTrueBrits?
    We don't need professionals or a known name, just someone who is naturally enthusiastic that can come up with better generic lines. We don't even need two people doing commentary
    one good voice would suffice. 3 would be amazing (NBA 2k)

    I'm just fustrated
  2. predator002

    predator002 Premiership

    14 November 2004
    It’s not that a different commentator is needed, it’s the script that needs reworking. Would you think TTB with the same script and same comment points will sound a better game? It wouldn’t in all honestly.

    The last changeover between lead commentators didn’t improve anything because both Jon Champion and Peter Drury are reading from same script.

    Having took a listen to both old and new commentary packs over the years in some detail it’s surreal to hear the same script happening between packs.

    So whilst TTB sounds good he has the benefit of being able to talk like a real commentator. What we want in a PES game of having in game commentators having that benefit too. Hopefully.
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  3. Flame

    Flame Championship

    18 December 2014
    agree, the main problem is the script
    Peter drury is a very good commentator in real life
  4. avok23

    avok23 League 1

    12 July 2005
    The script is really bad. I spoke to Jim Beglin once on twitter. I told him the commentary was often too negative (in pes 2013 they actually insulted you).
  5. Mikhail

    Mikhail Championship

    10 August 2018
    TTB commentary is awful so no, I don’t want him near a PES game.

    His commentary is too forced and it’s like a dodgy Eurosport show from back in the late 90s.
  6. rickyricc

    rickyricc youtube.com/thetruebrits

    6 March 2005
    Man Utd
    lol must be the minority then.. Your basically saying all commentary is forced then, simple as that. I dont mind criticism but no need to be rude about it.
    Regarding the other points, your right. The script is the main issue. Any commentator will sound boring etc reading the same lines over and over.
  7. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    Where do I sign? I've had the commentary off for so long now.
  8. Hey Pred... do you think it's possible to convert FIFA commentary to PES?.
  9. predator002

    predator002 Premiership

    14 November 2004
    I thought about doing it as I have the audio files for Fifa 10 but it would take months. Literally listening to one line from Pes19, finding the equivalent in the Fifa10 audio files and then replacing the audio.

    If I didn’t have chants and callnames already occupying my time I could do it but there’s no chance currently. Plus Fifa10 is the latest FIFA that we can get at the audio files so no current commentators we could rip from. I also still have my Jon Champion commentary pack on hold due to not being able to work on it.
  10. Are you sure there's no way to get the audio from FIFA 18/17/16???
    That'd be very odd. Specially seeing how far modding got with 16.
  11. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
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  12. predator002

    predator002 Premiership

    14 November 2004
    Tried but nothing. Even Frosty editor can’t do anything with sound from FIFA.
  13. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    I'm an audio editor, filmmaker and someone who's worked in television, and yet I admit that this is just my opinion and I(mll be the first to say that it has no reason to be taken with anything more than a grain of salt. But in my opinion, having heard him several times in several videos, he has a voice we associate with sounding like a British sports commentator: he has the right cadence, he vocalises in ways that are suggestive of what we in 2018 attribute with a commentator's voice and has enough of a database in his improvisations of expressions, turns of phrase, and syntax that sound "right". But there is a depth that is missing which makes his voice more impersonation and imitation than actual commentary with thoughtful and sincere insight. In short, in my opinion only, you're being fooled by a very good sounding voice that doesn't have what good commentators have. Sounds great, but there isn't a lot of depth there. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me and I totally accept if people think I'm nuts.
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  14. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    Hes doing a pretty good imitation of a commentator i agree. But he never feels like a real commentary of course and i dont believe he wants to be one either. My example is that WWE is TTBS and UFC is a real commentary. Both are enjoyable but WWE just doesnt feel real although its much fun. And WWE is really self aware of this.

    Of course this doesnt take away from the fact that his videos are really enjoyable due to this as well. Im a follower of his.
  15. rickyricc

    rickyricc youtube.com/thetruebrits

    6 March 2005
    Man Utd
    That's fair enough and as I said before I dont mind constructive criticism as it helps. However, take into account that when I do these videos im doing more than commentary. I'm having to play at the same time so I cant be as descriptive etc as I would like to be. If i was just watching a match it would be far easier. These pro commentators have notes, actual facts infront of them. I'm just winging it basically and talking football. Not as easy as people might think.
    Give it a try. Play a match yourself and try to focus on the game and commentate over the top of it simultaneously.
    But everyone has their own opinion and thats fine. I personally think American commentators are terrible to be honest. It just doesn't sound right to me. British will always sound better as they have a knack for the game.
    I try to make enjoyable videos at the end of the day, simple as that :)
  16. tinpanalley

    tinpanalley Championship

    15 May 2006
    That is an extremely good and valid point that I had simply not considered, and in so doing I've devalued your talents. And for that, my analysis of your voice deserves a sincere apology. Since you're playing and watching that is a completely different dynamic than what I imagined due to the quality of the videos which is that these were edited afterwards. I still think, in my humble and very personal and not in any way authoritative opinion, that you'd do best to focus on those elements of your voice that are YOU and less leaning on tropes we've grown used to. I see this a lot not only in singers but also in voice over talent I've worked with, it's the using of things that are natural to you and that you do well. But there is a better, more unique voice in you that is dying to come out and be its own thing. For whatever that may be worth to you, there it is. I am very used to having to give people feedback directly and my mistake often is not recognising when it's asked for and when it's not. So, I hope you can use whatever dustings of useful feedback there are in my response and not focus on the presumptuousness of my post. I like your videos, I watch them often, and we've even interacted on social media. I wish you nothing but the best.
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  17. MafiaMurderBag

    MafiaMurderBag Purist

    3 November 2009
    Liverpool FC
    I think what alot of people also forget is that as good as TTB is, and as popular as he is, he's never actually claimed to be a professional commentator or the industries best kept secret or anything lol. He's very talented and has remained humble but it's clear it's something that started on Youtube as a hobby and was having fun doing it and it turns out he's turned over a very successful channel in doing so.

    I think a lot of people forget this and this is part of what comes with popularity and success, is the self appointed critics who just say "Well, why aren't you better, why aren't you as talented as full time professional commentators who do prep and have producers" and then it just evolves into negativity and you get some critics who just dismiss you as shit with no detailed explanation why lol.

    TTB isn't exactly John Motson or Ray Hudson(And he's never claimed to be) but he's far from bad, that's an undisputed fact.
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  18. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Championship

    5 September 2016
    TTB runs a nice little Youtube channel. I'd take his spiel over Ray Hudson or anything Konami have ever produced. Even Peter and Trevor. I know some people couldn't care less, but good commentary along with presentation and general authenticity really go a long way to make a sports game attractive. Konami should do better, but they won't.
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