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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by pangkt, 28 October 2006.

  1. pangkt

    pangkt Guest

    Playing with PES 6 for the first day , quite a nice game !compare to we11 10 , much more inproving in goalkeeping.Slowgame but it's relistic than we9.Just to point out this 'Player AI has been massively upgraded, with players running intelligently into space when not in possession of the ball and pointing where they want the pass placed to continue the attack.
    Not really sure how to do that , is that 'Off the ball control'what are the commands used ?I had checked the command lists in the game , something like L1 arrows key??? or press r2 when receving ball.
  2. KEZ

    KEZ Guest

    Dunno about the :r2: button when receiving a pass. I'll have to check. Personally I've had the game since Thursday and I've haven't seen any animation of players pointing to where they want the ball. Probably haven't noticed it.

    Two good animations are when players put their hands up to appeal for an offside decision but it doesn't happen and also if you chop a player down from behind in a really bad way and they start a "chest" fight, one of the players get sent off. That is quite amusing when playing a human.
  3. pangkt

    pangkt Guest

    Has anyone got an answer
  4. x X t o c z.

    x X t o c z. League 2

    19 July 2005
    i saw this once or twice on we10, but havent pulled it off on pes6 yet.
  5. pangkt

    pangkt Guest

    when passing out the ball from goalkeeper to teammates , just after x ia press follow by L1 , the goalkeeper will try to run forward.Is that off the ball control?I also saw it in WE10.Beside goalkeeper , also can try out with other players.But the description explained ' ...pointing where they want the pass placed to continue the attack.'e.g after the player recieved the pass from goalkeeper,L1 is pressed.the goalkeeper will follow the direction (parallel running)together with the player.This does not explain pointing where they want the pass placed to continue the attack.Maybe it's does in this way .???
  6. KEZ

    KEZ Guest

    You can make a pass to team-mates and just as the player you're passing the ball to receives the ball, the player who passed it would run. This can be done by holding :r2: after pressing :x:.

    I think thats right, correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Rkid005uk

    Rkid005uk Non-League

    13 July 2006
    Correct, i use this massively
  8. Professor Nutmeg

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    3 July 2002
    Master League
    Players pointed to where they wanted the ball (during a 1-2) in PES5. I'm sure they'll still do it in 6.
  9. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    I never saw that animation in PES5. I have never seem any player point his arm in that manner... When I press for a 1-2, the player passes the ball, and then runs. That's it, no exceptions, and I use the L1-pass quite alot since it is a good way to get midfielders to pass and then run forward, if you make three passes along the midfield with that you can get 3 players all dashing to the opposition box, can cause some mighty overwhelming situations for the defence.

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