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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by neilsinc1, 13 November 2007.

  1. neilsinc1

    neilsinc1 League 2

    6 April 2007
    How do you get the off screen cursor to work? i.e. if the player your controlling is off the screen it used to show the cursor on the edge of the screen with an arrow to indicate that was the player you were controlling.

    How do you set that up on PES 2008? it's really annoying when you don't know who you are controlling
  2. expat

    expat League 2

    27 September 2006
    Good question, TBH I havent seen an option to turn it on and it definately doesnt show on screen. I think it may have been removed, if so we are just gonna have to use the radar.
  3. neilsinc1

    neilsinc1 League 2

    6 April 2007
    Have had a look on a couple of other forums and it looks like they've removed it, which is really annoying

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