OF update for Pes2009

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by kledippi, 2 February 2010.

  1. kledippi

    kledippi Non-League

    29 January 2009
    Hello guys, want to know if anybody has an updated OF with all winter transfers for pes2009 (I use vison patch 2.61) or if anybody know where I can find a forum where pes2009 is the main topic not pes2010(people who work further on pes2009)??thanks a lot:WORSHIP:
  2. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    would be great wouldn't it, well when arrogant people insist on pes 2010 with a gamecore of 5.5 on gamespot they think they are playing some soccer game
  3. cabmanuk

    cabmanuk League 2

    8 September 2008
    Yeah would be nice:))

    I have given up with 2010:RANT: Thou the patches and kitserver support are good.The game play has to many bugs.
    I play 2009 all the time and use smoke's patch so it would be nice to have a OF update:))

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