NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

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    BOBLEZIM League 1

    13 August 2008
    Hi guys
    i just bought a new laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, new pes 2013, and i can't play and crash. games say that my video card is not good. I'm not an engineer, but it seems to me that its good. but maybe I'm wrong..
    does any observation to help me, beacause its seems that a lot of player has the same problem with pes 2012.
    sorry for my bad english..
  2. saad

    saad Conference

    18 July 2005
    Must be an Optimus issue; I have it on my laptop with a 525M.

    Try right-clicking the game exe and selecting 'Run with graphics processor -> high-performance NVIDIA processor' , that works for me

    BOBLEZIM League 1

    13 August 2008
    so no .. but yes..
    you helped me to find, because the solution was near..lol
    i did run with... and i took the 3rd option and changed the grapfic cards by default for Nvidia, and its work well now so thank you for you help

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