no more the old fashioned multiplayer friends days?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by ElisLasop, 27 October 2007.

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    2 January 2005
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    hey there pes lovers!
    I am fan of pes from Athens Greece and I decide to write here my problem with the new pes2008
    for the last 2-3 Pro evolution soccer series I used to play with my mates the konami cup with 32
    teams in knock out mode, we are 3-4 most of the times and so the pc controlls the 28 of the 32.
    When one of our mates is about to play with his team against the pc team we use the rest of us to
    take the control of the pc team so the actual game isn't our friend against the pc, but, our friend
    against all of the 3 of us, a kind of 1 against 3 battle! Well this used to be the salt and pepper in our
    relationship with the PES and now it seems that this thing doesn't work anymore. We couldn't take the controlers on the side of the pc team, we could only play with the side of our friend. I wish there could be a way to unlock this setting cause is very boring in a company of 4,only 1 to play and 3 just sitting and watching..
    And is much more fun when many people are participate in a game, once we were 8 people playing pes, 1 with his team and 7 in the other..! It was excellent..!
    And also in the settings menu, the only 4 controllers option is very poor setting for a game where friends are getting together to play and sometimes there are 7 or 8..

    Does anybody knows something about this solution and be able to post it here so many people as me to be able to figure and solve this HUGE problem??

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