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New Seabass Interview! PS3, Xbox 360 + more!

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Adonis, 24 November 2006.

  1. Adonis

    Adonis Guest

    Hey guys,

    Riot just sent me a translated version of his interview with Seabass from not so long ago.

    heres the link : http://pelaajalehti.com/2006/11/23/seabass-pes6-ps3-interview/

    Theres some great news about how the PS3 version is getting on, and also tells of his own dissaticfaction with the 360 version. Definately worth a look.

    Just a note: could people plz refrain from pasting the interview in these forums. Its a rule that the info from their site cant be copy and pasted without permission. Riot asked me to put this messege accross. Thanks for your co-operation! ;)

    And as ever, thank you Riot once again for the scoop!

    Last edited by a moderator: 24 November 2006
  2. the_thing

    the_thing ps3!

    4 August 2004
    Juve, MU
    Last edited: 24 November 2006
  3. Adonis

    Adonis Guest

  4. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Another BS interview and still the interviewer avoids the obviuos masterleague questions
  5. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    I like the way he hints they're listening to Europeans more, and then tries to prove his point by saying "we made the PES intro in Europe this year". WOW, Seabass, we've been asking for that for years, haven't we? I wonder how many letters he must have had asking for that... I'm guessing... One. From the studio that made the intro this year, offering their services. For fuck's sake, Seabass, what a great way to spend your budget.

    He then says the most important thing they "know" they've got to improve is stats. Well yeah, that's a good start, but what about the on-rails movement? The eight-directions only? The CPU cheats? The lack of teams? The lack of being able to change jobs in the ML? The lack of a decent ML altogether?

    This interview gives me no hope whatsoever. :(
  6. Seabass1977

    Seabass1977 League 1

    3 August 2004
    Seabass Sinking Ship
    Seabass sold his soul to marketing..

    there is no more true passion in Konami

    I hope that things will change with the next generation...but i'm not too optimistic
  7. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    It's the old interview of 1up.com ? i don't understand
  8. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    Same here, really sounds like they will be doing sod all. As i cant quote can i paraphrase? Anyway, saying they have a great feature set with regards to offline play and using the konamicup and ML as examples really pi$$es me off. You cant even have a proper UEFA CL in the konami up as you cant do home/away matches ffs, and the less said about the ML the better. The fact that it takes riot to mention players being wrong in the national team and his reaction being, again para, "Ohh really, thanks, we will look into it". You should already f(*&ing know! How hard is it? All the teams have their own websites with player squads, there are enough transfer info sites around aswell. And national teams you take a look at the last 6 or so squads and see who are the most used and do that. And saying that they havent used the football manager collaboration, come on!?! Atleast they recognise that fifa is getting closer, but by the time they get their asses in to gear about the rest of the game it could be too late.
  9. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    Why does this guy even give interviews? He never says anything specific, and the real questions are never answered. Last year he was banging on about how online was the way forward and they weren't bothered about developing the offline side of things, and now they've changed their minds. But he thinks the offline mode is "deep" as it currently stands!??

    Maybe Riot was told certain questions wouldn't be answered, that's how it looks, especially as he states they left bits out of the 360 version and then asks how Seabass feels about that. Surely the logical question is "Why did you leave those bits out"?

    I agree, the interview doesn't give us much hope. They can't be this naive and stupid, surely they can't!
  10. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest

    Thats Hysterical and to top it off its the worst intro movie the game has had ever shows nothing thats in the game etc.
  11. Adonis

    Adonis Guest

    One thing that Riot has posted to me recently is some 'off the record' talks with representatives of Konami.

    From his understanding the team that Seabass has is far too small. Each year its getting difficult to create multiple versions with such a small workforce behind him.

    It sounds laughable to think such a huge company like Konami is struggling to create larger team for Seabass. Its really showed with the versions released this year that they just cant create true sequels on so many platforms.
  12. Abhishek

    Abhishek Best player in the world

    29 January 2006
    BS interview, I dont believe he can even say offline mode is great, Master League is deep, I mean WTF, we cant even create realistic leagues. Looks like the same game will come out next year too.

    This is the last year I will be playing a Konami football game, FIFA all the way next year.
  13. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    Come on sony/ea/whoever, buy up his team and make a proper nextgen game. Nokami are obviously not valueing them enough to atleast improve the budget to get some more staff in. And its definitly showing, the more versions there are the less improvement between versions there is.
  14. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Ha Ha this is the worst excuss ever.
    I dont have enough ppl in my staff to make 4 versions of the same game and release them at different times of the year.

    DUH!!! answers on a postcard LOL.
    So basically Greed is getting in the way of development.
  15. [CoN]sole

    [CoN]sole Dutch pride

    7 May 2003
    The Netherlands
    Argentina/AC Milan
    I know the "evolution" could have moved at a higher rate then it has been going the last couple of "years", BUT isn't Seabass responsible for making the game what it is..... "the best sports game ever made". On next-gen it will (eventually) evolve even further, be happy...
  16. On The Edge of Insanity

    On The Edge of Insanity Conference

    26 November 2006
    He was pretty vague, but at least he does seem to realise they need to step it up a bit next time round.

    However the whole Sports Interactive linkup thing was stupid, why not just use their stats if you have access to them, instead of hiring some more people to check out South America and Scandanavia, when you could be hiring two more people to actually work on the game design.

    However, if he really thinks the Master League is still "fun" despite being pretty much the same premise since 2000 I think he is somewhat deluded.
  17. cowden_harley

    cowden_harley MOANING PRICK

    3 October 2003
    Central Park
    Cowdenbeath FC
    seabass can take a giant fuck at himself. Not interested in his shite anymore.
  18. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004
    Yep correctly, Konami can go Home, i dont believe any longer in Konami!!! Konami goes EA! And Mr. "seabass" Can take a playstation 3 and put it there where the Sun will never shine!!!

    and if there is enough space he can take also some of his shit PES for 360, WE10 for PS2, and Pes6 for PS2and also put it there!
  19. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    They will get in the way of all the arsekissers on here that will love anything he does, in regards to pes its more "doesnt do" :D
  20. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    You just have to look at the fact there a winning eleven DS thread, just shows ppl will buy any shit Konami release.
  21. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Ironically, I think PES6 across all formats is abysmal, and yet WE on the DS I think is a laugh (the simplified gameplay of ten years ago beats the crap out of the fiddling, cheating gameplay they've got now, in my opinion).

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