Need help, some tricks plz

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by ysfm, 10 May 2015.

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    27 October 2008
    hi and sorry for my long post ;)

    hope some will help me :D

    just need to know some tricks , or lets say skills which i tried to learn myself but did not know how :

    - how to steal a ball from the opponent ? i mean when the ball with me, the other player just take it very easy , very slight push and that's it, almost there is no push either, some time the player just run next to me and take the ball :CONF: i thought maybe this happen when i run fast, but even when run slow i loose the ball this way, how to do this??

    i try to tackle to slide which makes the move very predictable and slow to move again to retain the ball

    i lose many matches cuz of this, so easy to loose the ball , and i have hell to win it back

    - sometimes , player against me pass my players as the r ghosts, i stand in front of them to stop them from going forward but they keep running not even a hit . my player is exactly on the same line they r running , whats this?

    - one of the most annoying thing when my player just stop watching the ball while the other player run to it fast and take it, some time even when i pass to my player , they r just sanding waiting like idiots while the opponent move and take the ball. some time even when i pass through ball , instead of running fast my player move veeery slow which let the opponent steal the ball before i get it.

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