Need an info about Premiership ;-)

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by fantasheva, 21 October 2005.

  1. fantasheva

    fantasheva Guest

    Hi everyone from Italy ;)

    I noticed [well, it seems to me] that there isn't yet a sticky topic about PES5 editin' so I ask you an info, openin' this.

    I'm editing the Premiership but I would like to know the real names of Wearside, Lancashire Athletic and East of 'em should be the newcomers of Wigan Athletic but I don't know much about them :)

    Can you tell me "who is who"?

    Thx a lot.
  2. le-roy

    le-roy Guest

    As far I now is Lancashire Athletic Wigan Athletic, because there is a Dutch player called de Zeeuw who plays for them.
  3. divath

    divath Guest

    Wearside = Sunderland FC

    Lancashire Athletic = Wigan Athletic

    East London = West Ham United FC

    cheers, David
  4. fantasheva

    fantasheva Guest

    Thanks a lot, guys...that's what I needed :cheers:

    Well, just hopin' to be helpful to those that are goin' in "editin' mania" in the next days, I can suggest you to keep your PES4 Option File "Alive", there's an option in PES5 that can upload from it everything you've done in the past edition [stuff like logos, players/teams name/stadium edit etc...]

    Really useful.

    Have Fun:circle:
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  5. divath

    divath Guest

    hehe, when i started playing pes5 i had to delete my pes4 data to make space on memory card... then afterwards i saw the option to transfer all my logos/emblem ... ARGHHHHH lol, not smart:shock:
  6. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
  7. fantasheva

    fantasheva Guest


    I was doin' the same, anyway...
    It's all about luck.

    Thanks Stringer Bell, registration done, nice links ;)
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