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  1. i heard a lot before the game was released that there would be 'nature' stat, i think its kind of an agression stat. i cant seem to find it mentioned in any threads on here so i was wondering if this is true?

    if it is then what does this affect, does a player with a higher nature stat usually take out the player when going for a tackle? or will he argue with the ref more when booked, or if you are playing against the com does this player play more agressive and is more likely to get booked or sent off more than the other players?
  2. 59 views and not one single reply, maybe if i had 500 posts and an avatar things would be different, thats just the way this board works.

    and now this topic will either be locked or deleted anyway

    thanks for your time, dont worry i wasted my own time aswell

  3. kingpug

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    Here is a tip: give people time to reply.

    Or better still, do a search?

    But to answer you're question, no there ain't a stat called nature, the stats are 100% the same as WE8/PES4.

    Oh look, a reply, and you don't even have an avatar!

    Let me guess, American?
  4. No not American, but its nice to no racist people can also be hepful too
  5. PLF

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    2 August 2004
    Dropshot, why you goin around calling Kingpug racist now?? Just because he guessed you were an American?? :shock:

    Anyways mate, I just saw this thread and I'm gonna post this reply whether you had 1M posts or 0 and avatar or no why do you think that stuff matters? :roll:

    Anyways bro.. I dont know of a NATURE stat but I suppose you're talking about "Aggression" stat and if this is what you're talking about I can tell you what it is if you're not sure.

    Unlike what most would think on first look at this stat due to bad name given, it's NOT actually how aggressive a player is but how aggressively he will ATTACK when his team or himself is in posession of ball.

    That's basically what it is so despite to contrary belief, a player like Keane wouldn't get an aggression in 90's because he usually gets the ball... and looks around.. and gives a pass.. in a way slows down the tempo where as some strikers (some don't) get the ball and RUSH the opposing team when in posession of ball. They run at them and start dribbling, SWP therefore should have high aggression stat, cuz when he gets the ball.. he aggressively usually runs at defence, or takes up a position that is attacking instead of more cautious.

    So in general attackers will usually have higher Aggression stat than midfielders and then defenders but there can be exceptions of course of certain midfielders who attack more aggressively without less buildup than some like van nistelrooy, he barely gets the ball and just runs at heart of defence with it attempting to dribble past them, especially now adays.. where he's lost a bit of speed than when he had just signed for Man U and was in peak of his carrer. he gets ball usualy looks around and gives a pass down to wing to C. Ronaldo or Giggs or another midfielder player and makes his run to box so he shouldn't have as high aggression as someone like Tevez who might pick the ball up and run at you without much buildup.

    I think that's how it works and many others I've talkd to agree with this. So it's not actually how aggressive a player is but how aggressively they attack so probably not the best name for this stat but hey it's Konami, it's not the only confusing thing they've done.
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    HAHAHAH this guy is amazing (I am sexist if you are female?).

    I asked if you were American because they tend to cry about little things, aka the crap you come out with about posts and avatars.

    Ah well, I will shut my racist mouth up now.
  7. P-dogg

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    9 August 2004

  8. pes_vetran

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    hahahahah only on evo-web :-) superb
  9. RuneEdge

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    1 October 2003
    Turn around, I'm right behind you...
    Manchester United
    Well IMO, Kingpug was stereotyping Americans which might have been offensive to some. I wouldnt call him a racist but it was probably a bad comment to make here.
    But enough about that.

    I read before WE9 came out that there was gonna be a Nature stat too. I dont see it anywhere though.
  10. I know your probably not racist i just thought i'd set the ball rolling on the posts, which worked. If i wanted an avatar and 2000 posts i probably would have, i've been browsing Evo-Web for a long long time, it was just the excitement, more of PES5 than WE9 that made me register as i had a few questions.

    Now i have an excellent reply from PLF (thankyou) the rest can be disregarded.

    To be honest, i thought that was a bit of a cheap shot at Americans thats why i gave you a little stick over it. Maybe if you knew i was English you would have an even lesser oppinion of me, being yourself Scottish ;)
  11. kingpug

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    Well as I said, imo Americans make a huge fuss over spilt milk hence why I thought you were American, whether that makes me racist or whatever I really don't care.

    You asked if WE9 had a nature stat, I told you it doesn't so why disregard the truth.
  12. manutd12

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    this sucks, many stuff that were supposed to be featured in this we9 aren't there
  13. RuneEdge

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    1 October 2003
    Turn around, I'm right behind you...
    Manchester United
    The question is WHY isnt there a nature stat when Konami said there will be?

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