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PC MyClub Thread

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by kežman, 25 November 2014.

  1. kežman

    kežman DB10

    1 September 2003
    Well, I hope this is the right place for this and perhaps some people want to talk about their experiences in the MyClub mode.

    How are your clubs developing? Do you already have some of your favorite players? Did a (unwanted) player surprise you pleasantly? And is it even possible to keep a team of 80/85+ players without spending money to use coins for contract extensions?

    I would be delighted if you are sharing your experiences, because I keep on failing in this game ;)
  2. Anjin Miura

    Anjin Miura #420PraiseIt

    29 April 2012
    I only played around 25 offline games (since can't get to find any opponents online at all :( )

    Haven't got that many guys so far, but my favorites are guy called Ricardo Cardoso, since his nickname on the shirt is Kuki (how cute <3) and one old bastard Sessegnon, who's damn good!

    I just wanna start playing online at once :(
  3. slmklc

    slmklc Conference

    14 November 2014
    I pulled Rossi,Ramos,Conti and Cigarini.at divison 7 I think.if there was no input lag especially online, will be more joy to play myclub mode.
  4. kežman

    kežman DB10

    1 September 2003
    I like the concept, especially in comparison with EAs Ultimate Team mode. I was very happy when I pulled Florenzi [78] as my first "star player" and I also was surprised by the lovely presentation.

    I appreciate that you are just getting random players from agents and you are not able to transfer players (okay, one is able to spend big GPs on loans, but that's the only "transfer" way).

    From my first squad I still like to play with Haps, a dutch left back. Some guys in my roster, that are able to switch from CB to LB have a higher overall rating on LB position, but Haps is still more enjoyable to play because he has currently the best pace and a (very small) offensive drive ;)
  5. rasko1nikov

    rasko1nikov Non-League

    14 November 2014
    I am finding this mode absolutely addictive. At the moment I am playing a high-pressing game with a 3-5-2. My best player is a pre-order bonus (Sergio Ramos) and the rest of the players are in their 60s and 70s. My manager is crap, though. Got some decent--ish players I can't register to the squad because he can't manage them beyond 360 points! Ha. I need a new manager but I'm waiting for a guy who plays another attacking 3-5-2 to come along. It's a lot of fun so far!

    At first I didn't like the transfer system but I realised it was to stop everybody signing the same players.

    The bad: Konami need to sort out cheaters because at the moment people who used cracked versions are able to play online! Next time you play somebody with Goetze, Ronaldo, Reus, Neuer, etc all in the same team, take a look after the game and see how many games they've actually played. I just beat a guy who was awful (won 4-1), but he had 7 80+ players in his team! So I clicked on his profile, he'd played ONE other competitive game! No way did he farm those points playing COM games or buying GP. So Konami need to sort that out. The one saving grace is plenty of the cheaters are awful.

    All in all, a really welcome mode to PES. It's all I'm playing at the moment. Don't forget; competitions start today too.
    Last edited: 26 November 2014
  6. kežman

    kežman DB10

    1 September 2003
    Is there any manager or tactic which supports SS (second strikers)?

    My agents are usually delivering SS and RM/RS so I have some decent players on these positions I cannot really play with my 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-1-3 managers.

    So you are not able to see the detailed positions on the manager detail page, I am still searching for a formation that supports those players.

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