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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Nestea, 27 November 2014.

  1. Nestea

    Nestea Non-League

    14 April 2014
    Hi boys and girls, this is my first forum thread, i am so nervous,:shiver: and hands are shaking and I am sweating like a prostitute in church.

    Anyways, there's one thing I must tell you guys about Myclub signing players, I see a lot of people hold their thumbs and got nervous just like me at this point of time and finally press the X button hoping for a black ball, then you get a white ball or gold ball with a top agent. Others have different stories and theories they say there's a way to get a better chance with black balls (when you see a blackball under your balls and press X? I would like to say"LOL" to all those theories,:BOP::BOP:

    The fact is:

    1)when you enter the random draw, the player is already decided, no matter when you press the X button, the player is SET, it WON'T change.

    2)Now this is crucial: The player is always the 6th one from where the ball starts. Now you may try it...

    3)For some editions the player is always set to be the 5th one(Winning eleven), can someone please confirm this? I use the PES EU edition and can confirm the 6th one is always what you get.

    4)So peeps, there's no need to :shiver: like me and hold your hands and squeeze your balls, just count, the 6th ball it is(if you have the PES EU dition).

    Thanks for reading my bullcrp Engrish :WORSHIP::WORSHIP:
  2. sonoman

    sonoman Premiership

    13 November 2003
    Mexico / Türkiye
    haha! that was fun to read my friend, and I agree with you.. there's no special technique or anything, just based on freaking luck.

    I don't play MyClub nowadays but I'll try it with the US version just to see how your theory is true.. i hated this game mode to be honest with you, i now play ML :D
  3. lucagian

    lucagian Championship

    13 November 2010
    S.S. Lazio
    I went onto it earlier on and pressed :x: on a black ball and it ended up on a black ball, I got Casillas :LOL:

    Did it again, not because I believed it would land on another black, and obviously it proved to be beginner's luck. Doubt I'll play it much though, tbh.
  4. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
    Yeah, I can confirm that you always get the 6th ball.

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