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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by nickyzizou, 31 December 2018.

  1. nickyzizou

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    10 April 2014
    Bit of a random one I know, but just curious...

    When I play an online ranking match, on the pre-match options screen, it allows me to choose my team's strip - ie home kit, away kit, third kit.

    But what I find strange is I'm allowed to change what strip my opponent's team will wear. Obviously this is necessary in order to avoid kit clashing.

    My question is, why does it allow me to adjust what the opponent will wear? Surely it should only let me choose my own team's?

    I wonder if it lets me change the opponent's kit so it is say for example showing as their away kit on my side, but on their side do they get to choose the strip they see? Does the match appear the same from both my side and theirs?

    Like say if I play against someone who has Liverpool, and I choose to see them playing in their purple strip, do they get to play in the red strip from their side?

    Don't ask me why I wonder about these trivial things, haha.
  2. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    In online matches ,since PES 2015 for sure, each player watches his own option file on screen. What you choose in pre-match is what YOU see in your screen and, and what your opponent chooses in his screen is what HE sees. The kits are separate for both players.


    You play Arsenal VS Liverpool. You choose ARS home and LIV away kits in your pc/console. You play the game with these kits. If your opponent chose ARS 3rd kits and LIV home kit,for the same game, he will watch/play the same match with the kits he chose. The selections of one player do not affect the other and do not connect each other.

    2)Complicated: Lets say, your opponent uses an edited team, that in your you created FK Partizan and your opponent created Bayern Munchen . In your opponent's screen he will play as Bayern Munchen with kits etc. In your screen you will have face a team named Bayern Munchen with the kits of FK Partizan. The kit selection is as i sad above. Different for each player.If you don't have an option file you will watch i.e. a team named Bayern Munchen with Pabrowiestein kits.

    Most generally, the kits you have created for any "fake" teams in your game, are only visible from you. And each of your respective opponents, only from them.
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  3. nickyzizou

    nickyzizou Non-League

    10 April 2014
    Ah, thank you, that makes sense!

    I'm guessing weather condition setting would be the same for both sides? As for example rainy pitch would have to play the same for both.

    Would love to see both games, running side by side, mine and the opponent's screen, and see how the same match differs on the two different screens.
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  4. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Yes the weather works like this it is home/host settings on. I have seen many complaints from e-sports guys who only want to play in sunny weather or night clear weather and bothered from rain/snow!!
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