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  1. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    This is my preview of seven of the top German sides ahead of the 2007/2008 Bundesliga season.

    Comments and additions are welcome.
  2. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    FC Bayern München

    FC Bayern, as always, are the hot favorites to win the Bundesliga title this season. They have invested heavily and have looked impressive in the preseason Ligapokal, where they have convincingly beaten the three teams that finished above them last season.

    Bayern are also expected to win the UEFA Cup. At this moment, they are the most glamorous team in that competition. This could change, though, once the group phase of the Champions’ League is over.

    Bayern are expected to play in a 4-4-2 formation. Even though they have done well playing 4-5-1 in the Ligapokal, this was mainly because of the absence of their top strikers.

    Best Eleven:
    Lahm Lucio van Buyten Jansen
    Ribery van Bommel Ze Roberto Schweinsteiger
    Klose Toni
  3. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    VfB Stuttgart

    The champions have had some quality additions to their squad. Yildiray Basturk and Brazilian Ewerthon have joined the team in their fight to defend their Bundesliga crown, as well as try to give an excellent impression in the Champions’ League.

    They will be a tough team to beat if they can keep the wonderful team spirit they had last season. Basturk and Ewerthon have the experience and the skill to take this Stuttgart team to another level.

    Mario Gomez has just won the German ‘footballer of the year’ award, and this season is going to be vital for his development. Is he really going to emulate the last Stuttgart player to win this award, one ‘Jürgen Klinsmann’, or is he going to join the inconsistent world of ‘Kevin Kuranyi’? Gomez definitely has the skill, but being free from injury will be an important factor in answering this question.

    Stuttgart should play a 4-4-2 formation, but also expect them to change to 4-3-3 just like they did at the end of last season.

    Best Eleven:
    Osorio Meira Delpierre Magnin
    Hilbert Hitzlsperger
    Gomez Ewerthon
  4. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    FC Schlake 04

    Schalke have basically kept the same squad as last season. Officials at Schalke pointed their fingers at Brazilian midfielder Lincoln as the main reason for their faltering at the end of last season, citing the playmaker’s inconsistency and poor discipline. Lincoln was eventually shipped to Turkey.

    His replacement is said to be new acquisition Rakitic. The 19-year old has a lot of skill but will have to prove himself on the highest stage. Rakitic must expect competition from youngster Özil, who also has a wealth of talent, but still needs to prove himself.

    Kevin Kuranyi has to prove to the doubters that he can be consistent. He has been impressive in the preseason Ligapokal when he showed another aspect of his game, setting up goals for his teammates. If he can maintain his form, then Schalke can be serious title contenders, and they may even have a good run in the Champions’ League.

    Best Eleven:
    Rafinha Bordon Krstajic Pander
    Ernst Jones
    Asamoah Kuranyi Lövenkrands
  5. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    Werder Bremen

    I really fear for Bemen this season. Not only did they have a poor form in preseason, but they also have a major injury crisis. Their biggest loss is Frings, the midfield general. Frings will definitely miss the month of August, not to mention the time needed to get him match-fit.

    The other big loss for Bremen was Miroslav Klose. He was their top scorer, and also lead the assists table over the last 2 seasons. Their response was signing Sanogo from Hamburg, and the talented Senegalese will have big shoes to fill.

    On top of all that, Bremen have been handed a very tough schedule. Their fist six games include clashes against Bayern and Stuttgart, and difficult trips to Nürnberg and Dortmund, not to mention a tricky Champions’ League qualifier against Dinamo Zagreb.

    If Bremen cannot motivate themselves and form a cohesive unit, then they could be out of the Champions’ League by the end of August, and out of serious title contention by the end of September.

    Best Eleven:
    Fritz Naldo Mertesacker Wome
    Carlos Alberto Borowski
    Sanogo Klasnic
  6. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    Hamburger SV

    Hamburg is one of the most exciting teams in Germany. They have the talent and it is still hard to find a reason for their disintegration last season.

    Keeping Rafael van der Vaart fit will be key for enjoying a successful season. I really believe that Hamburg can be title challengers if they are in form. They have an excellent manager, who wants to finally win the elusive Bundesliga title that he came so close to in 2001.

    Hamburg have a strong squad, but they might need to add a quality right back to be competitive at the highest level. Keep an eye on talented 19 year old Änis Ben-Hatira, who has excelled at the European U-19 Championship earlier in the summer.

    Hamburg should play a 4-4-2, with van der Vaart playing ‘in the hole’, but it shouldn’t be a surprise if they play with 4-4-1-1 in their tough away matches with the talented Dutchman just behind Zidan.

    Best Eleven:
    Demel Kompany Mathijsen Atouba
    de Jong
    Jarolim Sorin
    Van der Vaart
    Zidan Olic
  7. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    Bayer Leverkusen

    Leverkusen are definitely a solid team, but their level of play is affected by coach Skibbe, who is still unproven in the German top league. He had an unsuccessful stint with Dortmund, and was responsible, as Völler’s assistant, for some unimaginative football played by the German national team just before the Klinsmann era.

    Leverkusen have an excellent young keeper in Adler, and they have bought two talented defenders in Manuel Friedrich and Sinkiewicz. In midfield, there is Bernd Schneider and the young German international Rolfes. In attack they have young Kießling, and last season’s top scorer Theofanis Gekas, whom they bought from Bochum.

    If Skibe can rise to the challenge, Leverkusen can be a serious contender for a Champions’ League spot. Expect them to stick with their 4-4-1-1 with Kießling supporting Gekas, and Schneider building from midfield. Don’t forget young right back Castro, who at 20 has made that position his own.

    Best Eleven:
    Castro M.Friedrich Sinkiewicz Vidal
    Rolfes Fatty
    Schneider Barnetta
  8. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    Borussia Dortmund

    Dortmund may have their best side since the title-winning 2002 side. They can be the surprise team of the season if they can stay clear of injuries, and if they can hit maintain a consistent performance.

    Dortmund are solid all over, but they have an exceptional wealth of talent in attack. Switzerland’s Frei, Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez, and Poland’s Ebi Smolarek were joined by Argentinean Klimowicz from Wolfsburg. Enforcements in midfield came in the form of Petric and Federico, which resulted in sending future superstar Sahin on loan to feyenoord Rotterdam.

    The defense have the experience of Wörns and R.Kovac, who was imported from Juventus in a move that should remind us of the strong Dortmund side of the nineties.

    Dortmund should play in a 4-4-2 formation, with Sebastian Kehl the anchorman in midfield.

    Best Eleven:
    P.Degen Wörns R.Kovac Dede
    Tinga Petric Federico
    Frei Smolarek
  9. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    It's a decent preview.

    It lacks some depth as it doesn't really go into much detail and is kept at a 'basic' quick overview level of these teams but I can see why you kept it only a few lines. ;)
    This way, posts wouldn't get huge and people are more likely to read it. Probably a good decision.

    I definitely have some disagreements about the supposed "Best Eleven" of several of the teams and think that certain players you haven't mentioned (in the above 7 teams) will probably be regular starters for their team and get a lot of games unless they are injured.

    Some of the formations won't be as it's put up above either in my opinion. It'll be somewhat different in shape and tactic.

    I happen to think that there are a couple clubs (outside the ones mentioned above) that have a good chance of finishing above one or two of these teams and gain themselves some European football.

    Overall, it's a decent quick preview though. Good job. :thumbup:
    I happen to agree with most of what you said. But if you want, could of course, tell you in detail what I disagree with.

    Anyway, I can hardly wait for tomorrow and the opening match of what is surely going to be another wonderful Bundesliga season! :)

    At the time, I'm writing this, we have LESS than 12 hours to go before the big kick-off! :D \\:o/

    :applause: \\:o/ God Bless Bundi :applause: \\:o/
  10. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    And that's the reason I said 'seven of the top teams' and not 'the seven top teams'. One reason for not including Nürnberg, Hannover, Wölfe, and even Karlsruhe is not having enough time.

    Thank you, and feel free to comment on anything you disagree with me about.
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  11. robin_007

    robin_007 Siem de Jong Fan

    1 September 2005
    AFC Ajax
    Oh, man. It's starting allready? Totally forgot :shock: What are the matches?
  12. total

    total International

    10 December 2005
    Arsenal/OGC Nice
    1. Spieltag
    Freitag 10.08.07 20:30
    Stuttgart - Schalke 04 (Live on ARD)

    Samstag 11.08.07 15:30
    FC Bayern - Rostock
    Bayer 04 - FC Energie
    Bochum - Werder
    Hannover - HSV
    Frankfurt - Hertha BSC
    Wolfsburg - Arminia

    Sonntag 12.08.07 17:00
    Nürnberg - Karlsruhe
    Dortmund - Duisburg
  13. robin_007

    robin_007 Siem de Jong Fan

    1 September 2005
    AFC Ajax
    Thanks, total :) Stuttgart - Schalke, what a way to start :)
  14. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    I know. It's totally understandable. :)

    Okay pal.

    I'll tell you what I'll do.

    Since I want to give the previews before they've even actually played one match, I'll give my opinion on your preview of Vfb and Schalke first since that match starts in less than 25 mins.

    Then, by end of tonight, I'll have put my thoughts up about your words about Bayern and the other 4 teams as well. Most of which I agree with anyway. ;)
  15. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Stuttgart 07/08

    Yep. Well said. It's good to see Vfb after such an impressive season, MAINTAIN all their good players apart from Geman Int'l goalie, Hildebrand who is off to Valencia.

    Not only have they maintained an already impressive squad but brought in further quality to enhance it in the likes of Basturk, Ewerthon and talented Romanian who used to play for Shakhtar, Ciprian Marica who once settles, can bring some more 'highlights' to Bundesliga and Stuttgart's play. :8):

    It was a very good squad that has gotten even better then. I'm excited to watch them. :8):

    The bolded part is extremely important. I agree.

    As for the 2nd sentence, that's also very well said. :applause:

    Because not only are those 2 quality skillful players, they also have lots of Bundesliga experience with different teams which is important.

    One thing worthy of mention however is that both are the sorta players who unfortunately can't be arsed to play at their best level, sometimes. They need motivation or otherwise can be a bit lazy at times.

    Will Armin be able to motivate them properly and integrate the two as well as Marica into a Stuttgart team that had great unity and team-spirit? We shall find out... ;)

    I could talk about Kuranyi and Mario Gomez all day and give my opinions as to why Mario >>>>>>>>>>>> Kevin.

    But no time for that right now. So let's just leave it at that. ;)

    I like this starting 11. It's strong and it's solid and could very well be their best 11.

    There's however a few places that aren't won yet by those players, I think.

    Most of the 1st-team is already established but there's still a battle between some players for certain positions.

    Ivory Coast Int'l and former Strasbourg man, Arthur Boka will once again battle Swiss Ludovic Magnin for that left-back spot with both being rotated and starting and sitting some matches on the bench, I believe. These 2 will give, Mr. Veh, the sorta head-ache, managers at high levels LOVE to have ;) because it's 2 quality players playing in one position.

    I'd say that there is also gonna be a battle between Cacau, Ewerthon and Ciprian when he settles in for that other place beside Mario Gomez in the front line. Ewerthon isn't exactly the same outstanding player that left Dortmund for Spain a few years ago.

    His time at Zaragoza hurt him somewhat as he had numerous injury problems and lost his place in the team and didn't get enough playing time or as much as he used to and wanted anyhow.

    He's still a very good player. But I'd say, not as good as he used to be. I'm sure, a good stint at Vfb will once again takes his confidence and level of ability back to what it was however. :)

    But for the early parts of the season, I think an established and comfortable Cacau who has been with Suttgart for a number of years now, could well find himself in the starting line-up ahead of Ewerthon with the two battling it out. We shall see...

    Last but not least, I think Antonio Da Silva (Former Mainz, Brazilian) is still gonna be an important player for this team and play a big role. I can see Basturk sometimes sitting on the bench as Stuttgart go with a more conservative midfield of 4 in (Hilbert as right winger along with Hitzlesperger, Pardo and Da Silva).

    That's because Basturk's work-rate is low and sometimes he's a liability to have on the pitch as he doesn't defend well, despite his brilliance when the ball is at his feet. (In many ways like Riquelme)

    And because of these negative qualities of Basturk, I think, some of the time, Armin will play with one striker and Basturk behind him as you mentioned and sometimes, they will play 4-4-2 but Basturk won't be in the team.

    I can see them starting with the best 11 you mentioned against teams they are expected to beat though and that'll provide some excellent attacking play as in that team, they have everything. Creative players, good passers. Great long-distance shooters. A tall skillful striker and a smaller quick one. Very exciting stuff it's gonna be. :8):

    One last thing however, I think being in Champions-league, is gonna hurt Vfb this year domestically.

    Sorry for the long post, never realized how big it had gotten until now.

    Oh well.. looks like I won't have time to make the Schalke post as I gotta go watch the match now. But I do have some points to make about Kobiashvilli who wasn't in your best 11 among others, so I will do that at Half-time or later.

    Talk to you later. :)
  16. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    Re: Stuttgart 07/08

    True, I agree. You don't have to convince me of that, but Mario still needs to prove that on the field.

    When I was thinking about that part of my preview, and to make the material short and easy to read, I just decided to put the eleven, who I think, would be the best choice under 'optimal conditions', like playing to full potential, etc...

    Yes it will continue as last season, with Magnin preferred when teams start to match their tallest players against Boka in crosses, similar to what a lot of teams did last season with Lahm when playing Bayern. This could have been one of the reasons that caused the Bayern bosses to go after Jansen.

    It will sure have an effect. I am looking forward to seeing how Veh will deal with that, because I am very impressed with the signings that he made.
  17. lo zio

    lo zio International

    24 October 2005
    mario gomez

    well, maybe he has to confirm himself to top level, that's true, but i don't think he needs to prove he's better than kuranyi. he just IS better than kuranyi, and that's all. God gifted Mario with certain abilities kevin just doesn't have.
    players like kuranyi can have a good season but can't be compared to gomez. he has an awesome ball control, an awesome "presence" on the pitch, like the best tall strikers. but he's not a "typical tall striker".. his ball control, his dribbling, his passing game, make him an all around striker, wo can play as a first foward or as a second foward.
    there's something in him that reminds me of ibrahimovic (another tall foward with an unusual awesome ball control). of course they're different players, ibra is more a second foward, more technical, while mario is more cool, more concrete when he's in front of the goalkeeper... but still, when i see mario gomez playing, i often have this sensation.
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  18. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Re: Stuttgart 07/08

    What a fantastic season-opener. :applause:

    Two of the best teams and definitely two of the best managers in the league, went head-to-head and at the end, fans like us were the winners as they provided an entertaining and competitive, hard-fought 2-2 draw.

    4 goals, some great defensive plays. Some nice attacking displays. Awesome players and as is usually the case in Germany, great atmosphere and stadiums! :8):

    I'll repeat what I've said again and again.

    :applause: \\:o/ God bless Germany and Bundesliga \\:o/ :applause:

    Because it's got everything you want in a top league. Everything. The physicality, the skill, the atmosphere, the fans, the hard challenges and aggressiveness. It's lovely!

    Mario has a LOT to prove. I agree. One great season doesn't make you world-class. There have been many players that have had even 2 or 3 good seasons but then disappeared...

    The talented player that is Gomez has a lot to prove still. But like lo zio said, I don't think he needs to prove that he's better than Kevin. I think he's already proven that. Because after all, it's not like Kuranyi has had numerous consecutive amazing seasons. He, too, has only had one or two good season and some mediocre ones.

    If anything, Kevin, has just as much to prove this year. Otherwise, he'll have shown that he's just a 'good' striker and nothing special like some people wanted to make him sound and prove me right. :p

    If you want to talk about the bolded part, then, yes I agree, that Ewerthon >>> Cacau and Marica.

    However, like I said, due to the current confidence levels, establishment in team (Being new for Ewerthon but not for Cacau) and form, I think Cacau will give Ewerthon a good battle for a 1st-team place beside Mario.

    Later on in the season though, Ewerthon may just prove once he finds his feet back in Bundesliga that he is the superior striker and Stuttgart's 1st choice beside Mario.

    However when talking about Magnin vs. Boka for left-back spot, I'm not sure, even at optimal conditions, there is a winner and a #1 choice.

    Both are very good players but with different qualities and it's gonna be very hard to pick one ahead of the other if both are fit and ready to go.

    So, I realize, you wanted to make the previews short and easy to read, but I'd still prefer to see something like "Magnin/Boka" for left-back spot position rather than just 'Magnin', because there really is a big battle for that spot unlike many of the other spots in first 11 which are established. Doing that, would give the necessary indication to those who are reading this but aren't familiar with these players well enough that there is a big battle and both are 'rotation' players and not as 1st choice or for sure to be in starting line up as guys like Gomez, Schafer, Meira, etc.

    Therefore, if I were doing the previews, I'd personally put a slash between those 2 names for left-back spot to make it look different than some of the other positions with a single name.

    Great point.

    I think, what it comes down to when selecting Magnin or Boka, will 90% of the time (if both are fit and ready to go) come down to who they'll be matched up against in the fixture.

    If it's a tall right mid/RWF, then Magnin will probably get the nod. If it's someone like Asamoah who is powerful but not a threat in the air, then stocky Boka will probably get the go-ahead as he did today.

    Last but not least, Antonio da Silva played today and put in a good performance for the home-side as well. A man who shouldn't be forgotten or under-estimated and we shouldn't assumed will lose his place in 1st team, due to arrival of Basturk.

    Cacau and Boka of course started as well.

    The final thing we need to say about Stuttgart before moving on to other clubs and analyzing them and their squad, is that, no doubt, this year, two of the finest youngsters in the league (Khedia and Serdar Tasci) will go on to build on their impressive debut seasons last year and establish themselves even more. The future looks bright for Vfb. As a 'neutral' fan, I just hope that ambition stays with the Stuttgart board and they don't go back to being just a mid-table club by selling all good players and being happy just barely making it to Europe or finishing mid-table.

    Hilbert was unlucky with the own goal today, but I rate him VERY highly. He's already a very good player and has the potential to become great in my opinion. He, is another, who will build on a fine 2006/2007 season, this year and help Stuttgart challenge for title.


    Alright that's it for now from me. I gotta go get some studying done.

    I'll talk about Schalke next and what I like about your preview and what I don't.

    Talk to you later pal. ;)
  19. Lodda

    Lodda 1. Bundesliga

    1 January 2004
    Re: Stuttgart 07/08

    @ PLF, lo zio

    Not prove he is better than Kuranyi, but prove he is not inconsistent like Kuranyi. Kuranyi's star also rose at Stuttgart, as you may remember.

    I totally agree. Excellent point. Boka today was the perfect match to Asamoah.

    Although I am not a 'neutral' fan, I still want Stuttgart to succeed, especially in Europe, as this will help German teams get more spots and higher seedings.

    Taking care of the talent of the likes of Khedira and Tasci is as important as investing in new talents IMO.

    Very nice discussion. Maybe next season we should start earlier.
  20. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Re: Stuttgart 07/08

    How could we not? ;) It was only a few years ago.

    If you were talking about consistency only, then, yes I agree. We need more than one good season from Mario to decide if he is consistent or not and if he is more consistent than Kevin.

    Well, I discuss Bundesliga and its many players and clubs and 'culture', all-year long among real life friends. And on the internet, we do it on and off in the thread that is in my signature and this one which I believe, I've seen you at once or twice.

    You're welcomed to drop in and join us for intelligent discussions such as these, at any time you wish. We'll be pleased to have you. :)


    My personal plan for this thread changed slightly by the way and I thought I'd let you guys know.

    Instead of quoting you on Schalke next, I will do the Bayern Munchen post first since I wanna get it done before they play their first match. I'll do that in the next few hours. Then later on in the day, I'll say what I've been wanting to about Schalke. Following that, in the next few days, we'll discuss the rest of the 7 teams and time permitting, even more like Nurnberg and Wolfsburg in the future.
  21. Juninho_GER

    Juninho_GER Ánimo Puerta!

    31 January 2007
    Borussia Dortmund
    Very nice discussion going on here. It's nice that you are interested in our Bundesliga, Sina. :)

    Well, I hope and I think that this season will be very good. The new 'star' in Munich, Franck Ribéry brings a high technical level to the league and will show what he could do.

    But like Beckenbauer already said, this season will be more surprising than a lot of people think.

    The trophy isn't safe for Munich. ;)

    To my personal favourite team, Borussia Dortmund, I have a great feeling for this season. Thomas Doll is doing a great job and the new players are quality, not quantity. Jakub Blaszczykowski will make an impact for sure (I can't wait the discussion about him in Re's and Red's thread :)). Also the last and the season before 'loosers', Delron Buckley and Nelson Valdez are almost in the starting eleven. ;)

    The prematches before this season were also very good. I think about the 4-0 win against Roma. :) Alright, they were just 5 days in the preseason (is this word right?). Mostly 'Kuba' showed his skill in scoring 1 times and making one assist with a cross to the head of Klimowicz.

    So, the UEFA Cup will be a must-reach for my club. If we stay out of injuries and so on, there could be something more. ;)

    Just to say it again, it will be very exciting.
  22. lo zio

    lo zio International

    24 October 2005
    yep, he's really a nice player! nice timing and sweet foot. also yesterday he had a very good performace (the owngoal it's just about bad luck, as u say); he made an awesome save on kuranyi in the first half (if i do remember well) and a great play on lovenkrands in the second half.... really a nice player.

    boka too deserves a mention. he was very good yesterday. especially when slomka replaced asamoah with bajramovic.... bad decision in my opinion... after that substitution boka had a lot of free space on the left.

    funny coincidence: kedira was the one who scored the last stuttgart goal lasst season... and he's the first stuttgart scorer in the new season....
    another coincidence.... the commentator said kedira's first goal in bundes was against..... schalke. :mrgreen:

    great first match for marica.. a lot of movements upfront.... marica - gomez should be a very interesting attack! :D

    cacau's offside..... it wasn't actually an offside.... but anyway he messed up with that ridiculous shot (a lob would have been the right choice in that situation).

    there's nothing to say... stuttgart plays beautiful and effective football :applause:

    i've got the feeling this season will be even better than the previous :D :8):
  23. Juninho_GER

    Juninho_GER Ánimo Puerta!

    31 January 2007
    Borussia Dortmund
    And he scored against the second team last season. Right after the goal I thought about that. He made Stuttgart to champions and then he scores against the last years 'losers'. :8):

    Definetly. He shows his real potencial. A great player for Stuttgart and Bundesliga. Could be a great player in future. :)
  24. lo zio

    lo zio International

    24 October 2005
    i guess u're happy about it... being a borussia fan :mrgreen:
    the derby will be next week, right? what are your feelings about the upcoming borussia vs schalke match after seeing schalke playing yesterday?

    i liked him last season with donetsk. joining a quality team like stuttgart and playing with a partner like gomez, i just can see him improving himself :D

    oups, i'm realizing we're going a little off topic.... sorry Lodda :) ... maybe we should move to the bundesliga thread :)
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  25. kel

    kel Nur der HSV

    7 May 2003
    Hamburg, Germany
    Hamburger SV
    Yay! The wait is finally over - the Bundesliga's back.

    Starting today against our bogey team, Hannover 96, but I have a good feeling we can win this. Although Nutella Benny will score his goal against his old club (ex-players love to do this, can't wait for Frankfurt with Mehdi :lol:), I predict a 3:1 win. Bring it on!!
  26. Big Boss

    Big Boss KJH = The Hunter!

    23 July 2003
    The Netherlands
    Ajax & Strasbourg
    Great season opener indeed! The first half was still abit tame, but in the second half the tempo went up and chances were created on both sides of the pitch.

    And what a debut for the young Rakitic, scoring the 2-2 with a great goal. He looked a very good player and did not look scared at all playing in such a big game.

    Definately a great game to open the new Bundi season. I think it's very smart btw that they start the season with a big game (last season was Dortmund-Bayern) as it immediatelty makes the league very interesting.
  27. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Roberto Hilbert & Ciprian Marica

    I love Bundesliga, my friend.

    I've been following it with a keen eye for yeaaaaaaaars. I just never discussed it here in the 'football' section of Evo-forums.

    And I can assure you, it's not just me and lo zio who aren't Germans and love this league. There's millions around the world and it's only getting better as well. Each season that is passing by, more and more footy fans who don't follow the league are realizing what they've been missing. So the future of German football is bright in every possible way (Great youngsters coming through, fantastic league and system in place which is only improving, etc. ) :8)::applause:

    I'm excited about some aspects of Dortmund this upcoming season and already can't wait for the big derby against the "Royals". :D

    I'll get to your fav team later though. For now, we must not discuss too many things at the same time or we'll soon lose control... :p

    Hilbert is fantastic.

    His reputation right now (especially outside Germany) is nowhere near as high as it should be, but that'll change soon when people around the world see how great he and the rest of the vfb boys are when CL gets under-way and as he receives more international call-ups.

    I'm incredibly impressed with him. For me, he's just as good and special as Mario Gomez is. The difference is, Gomez took almost ALL the media praise and hype because Germany needed a new striker sensation with Klose being off form last year, Neuville being old now, Podolski still not quite delivering what was expected of him and Kuranyi inconsistent and unimpressive for the most part of the last 14 months or so.

    But I don't think of Gomez any higher than Hilbert despite the much bigger reputation. I think both are already very good players and have fantastic futures ahead. Good for Germany and Vfb! :applause:

    Roberto is much more attack-minded than defensive and a lot better at attacking too, but you're right, that tackle block on KK was awesome! Especially since the through-ball to Kuranyi after his great one-two with Ernst and nice movement had confused Meira and Tasci. Who was there though? Hilbert. :)

    He was very aware and responsive and just-in-time made the acceleration across the box to block Kevin's shot which could've gone in!

    He also got the assist on the Khedira goal, I believe.

    Another very good performance from Roberto then (Why Italian name? :-s ) despite scoring an unlucky own goal! He seems to be very consistent for such a young player as well which makes him even more impressive.

    One of Europe's most promising players (and already very good too unlike most promising talents), for sure!

    I wasn't as impressed as you two with Marica.

    Truth is, up until getting the PK for Vfb, he had done very little to cause the defense real problems. He's got the skill but I'm not sure, he has the mentality.

    Mladen Krstajic IS one of the most dirtiest and aggressive players in all of Europe. (Materazzi of Bundesliga)

    BUT, it doesn't mean, you have to be scared of him. Ciprian was afraid of him for certain portions of the match if you pay close attention. A lot of times, he could've tried harder but was obviously a little intimidated.

    I'm willing to forgive him for that though. :p
    After all, it was his very first match in a totally new environment, new team-mates, new opponents, fans, and I'm sure he'll get better and also grow more b@lls as the season goes on. :mrgreen: (Because in Bundesliga, you need balls. Just ask the gutless but talented Ali Karimi :lol: who had a horrible spell in Bundi)

    We know the Ex-Shakhtar Romanian has got the talent. But let's hope he gets braver and more determined (better mentally) as he gets older and settles in more.

    I think this IS the new Bundesliga 2007/2008 season. :) :8):
  28. Raven Corax

    Raven Corax League 2

    2 December 2006
    SV Werder Bremen
    Hej guys,

    I already heard many people talking about Bayern being not as successful as Hoeneß (and many Bayern fans) wants them to and it gets a bit mainstream ^^ but I have the same opinion because of following things:
    You can't argue about their squad as it is top-class in every position (except CB) but the other teams in Buli will be even more excited winning against them as they aready were before.
    Every team is an arch-enemy now... the other title-challengers have only some (like e.g. Schalke vs Dortmund) but Bayern gets challenged now by EVERY team's full energy in the Bundesliga and I think this is the point that can give them a hard challenge.
    Furthermore, we already saw that without Ribery the "magic" of the "New Bayern" is kinda gone.
    And the CB position is one of the most important positions when you want to get the title and I see Bayern (Lucio, Van Buyten) not as strong there as e.g. Werder (Mertesacker, Naldo), Stuttgart (Meira, Delpierre, Tasci) or Schalke (Bordon, Krstajic, Westermann).

    And about the Best Eleven:
    I think I have to disagree with you, Lodda, in one spot at Werder. I don't think I'd choose Carlos Alberto over Leon Andreasen. Andreasen is a real fighter and has everything what you need for a DM. He has a good defensive instinct, has a great mentality and makes very good sliding tackles. He also has a strong shot but unfortanetely lacks passing skills. I think he will be the right man when Frings is gone and he will master this spot with bravour when the time has come.
    That's why I'd put Frings on CA's spot and Anreasen at Fring's former spot.

    Yes, he did ;)

    Why not?? :p
    Last edited: 11 August 2007
  29. lo zio

    lo zio International

    24 October 2005
    ok then, if it's not a problem for Lodda, we can continue our bundes conversations here.

    that's absolutely true. Bundesliga is finally getting the credit it truly deserves. the technical aspects, the tactical aspects (talking about tactical knowledge bundesliga is the only league in europe who really has nothing to envy to serie a) agonistics aspects, bundeliga is great in everything (as PLF wrote before).... and talking about the passion of the supporters is by far the best league in europe (afterall there must be a reason if last year bundesliga was the european league with most supporters at the stadia!:D).
    here in italy bundesliga, liga espanola and serie a are followed with the same interest :)

    true, his tunnel in the second half was great!

    well, it was his first bundes match, afterall; and cacau didn't help him a lot actually. i'm pretty sure he'll find the right "chemistry" with mario.
    anyway he didn't look scared to me... but maybe i just wasn't so focused on him.

    the atmosphere is always undescribable in Nordrhein-Westfalen; probably the most passional german lander :)

    yep, i've got the your same feeling ;)

    if i have to be honest i enjoyed mostly the first half. in the second half there were more scoring opportunities, but just because players on both sides were getting tired and both of the teams looked a little too "stretched" on the pitch. anyway it was a great match.

    yep, meira was almost getting crazy, with all his dribblings :lol:

    absolutely agree!

    ouch, i almost forgot to mention tasci! this guy looks really

    anyway guys i'd say PLF is right... we should calm down a little and focus ourselves on just 1 subject at time :D...
    so what's next?:D
    Last edited: 11 August 2007
  30. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004

    I had promised to make the "Bayern" post before they officially start their season and here it is. :)

    It should be mentioned that some of the teams, Bayern faced like Werder were missing many important players in that Ligapokal game! But yes, they have looked good thus far and have invested beautifully! Not just full of ambitious and extremely well at Germany's level but in comparison to all of Europe as well.

    I think, like you said, they will be hot favourites to win the league before the season gets under-way and with this squad and Hitzfeld back in charge, they're very well capable of doing that.

    But it won't be easy and they shouldn't get complacent about it. Because Stuttgart has the advantage in the sense of having an already very united team and great spirit where as some of Bayern's departures and new additions means it'll take some time for them to build that same unity and gel together.

    Nonetheless, with this squad, they should prove just too much to handle by the end of the season for the other teams and clinch the title. But it can be a close fight...... and hopefully it will be, because that's more exciting for neutrals like me. :p

    Yup, they're certainly the biggest club in UEFA Cup and with the best squad as well. Although there are a few that come close. I have a feeling however that they won't be winning the cup. It usually is the case, that the best teams don't actually win the cups because as we all know, one bad / unlucky day (unlike leagues) can end your dreams and get you knocked out.

    It's a shame they're not in CL to be honest. Because they have the squad to be a prime candidate for winning even that!

    But if you look at it in a different way, it's good that Bayern under-achieved so badly last year. It was a WAKE-up call. And without having finished outside of CL places, maybe the directors wouldn't have spent as heavily and ambitiously as they did now. :)

    There's 2 things that bother me about this Best 11. Other than that, I agree with it and I think most people do.

    Problem #1 is, there's no real DMF in there which just can't happen in year 2007 at a high level like Bundi!

    Ze Roberto and van Bommel both have decent defensive skills but they're far from being a real DMF who is gonna break up play and win the ball cleanly without foul (Mr. van Bommel :roll: ) like a true quality DMF would.

    Martin Demichelis is the answer. He's the guy who kept Hargreaves out of the team a lot of times even when not injured, and is one of the most under-rated but effective DMF's in all of Bundi and Europe.

    I think he'll be in the starting line up and sometimes young Ottl. You can maybe get away with playing two CM's beside each other in a match against someone like Hansa Rostock (later on today). But when you face quality teams, which, Bayern will face many of, this year, you're not gonna be too successful or have your best team without a real DMF.

    Therefore, I think, with exception of weak teams, Bayern will field Martin or Ottl as DMF and then van Bommel most likely besides them and sometimes Hamit and Ze Roberto getting rotated.

    The 2nd thing I don't like is the absence of one of the world's most effective but non-flashy RB's for the past 4-5 years in Willy Sagnol.

    Marcell Jansen is gonna be a fantastic signing. He's already Germany's best left-back arguably and at such a young age, can become much better. I was a fan of his, before there was even any talk of him joining Bayern and while he was still at his boy-hood club, Borussia M'Gladbach.

    But, he's not as good as Sagnol yet. Not even Lahm who has more experience at this highest level is as solid as Willy yet.

    Willy is one of the most under-rated players in the world but usually by those outside Germany and France. I'm very surprised to not see his name on that team sheet because even though he's no longer at his best and has had his fair share of injury problems lately, people in Germany and especially Bayern fans, usually are well aware of just how quality he is!

    Few full-backs in the world can deliver crosses with as much accuracy as he does (with both feet as well) and still be solid defensively too. Gary Neville comes close and is similar in many regards but he's always been slightly inferior to Sagnol and I think that'll always be the case.

    When he gets full fitness and is back in form, he'll be in the starting 11 and one of the first names on the team sheet I believe.

    Very good point.

    It's the same way in France with Lyon. Every team tries its hardest to knock them down and keep them from getting arrogant.

    But you have to realize, with Vfb being champions of Germany now, especially considering, they were somewhat a surprising champ (as before last season, not many people were expecting that), every club in Germany they visit, is also KEEN to show, they're not the best and that they want to beat the champs to make a name for themselves and make life hard for Vfb.

    I don't agree.

    Some people are being TOO critical of Bayern's defence nowadays and talking as if Lucio and Van Buyten are $hit players and have totally forgotten about Valerien Ismael who is good but just very unlucky with injuries since joining Munich.

    Yes, Bayern does have some problems in CB position when you compare it to some of the biggest and best clubs in the world. But, their defence is not any inferior to the other ones you mentioned in my opinion. Naldo better than Lucio? Krstajic who is slow and gets sent off so often and gives penalties away constantly, better? Delpierre? Tasci who is very promising but has only had one good season, better than Lucio or Van buyten?

    In my opinion, NO! Bayern's defence can be improved to match the quality of the rest of the world-class squad. BUT, it's already just as good if not maybe slightly even better than the other clubs including those you mentioned.

    Well.. does he have any Italian bloood/ancestry? If not, that's a little weird. It's like me getting "Roberto" as my name. Not bad but doesn't make much sense.

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