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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by danwin, 26 January 2005.

  1. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    Anyone going to any this year? I might do Glastonbury. Quite fancy going abroad for a different experience.
  2. gomito#10

    gomito#10 World Cup Winner

    9 May 2003
    DC, USA
  3. stiffler

    stiffler member since nov 2001

    20 November 2001
    i may be going to the reading festival!
    does anyone have any info on the line up yet, or at least any good rumours? when are the line ups announced?
    and where can i get tickets? i checked ticketmaster and the tickets seem to be unavailable at the moment!
  4. FlawlessCowboy

    FlawlessCowboy Stunted

    5 July 2004
    Coventry, UK
    Yeah they don't become available for another 1 - 2 months. I'll probably be at Leeds
  5. ProEvo

    ProEvo Hatch Monkey

    22 October 2001
    On Some Island Somewhere
    I'll be camping at V Festival, Chelmsford. 10 Year anniversary so it should be sweet!!;)
  6. joostebrood

    joostebrood Premiership

    4 March 2002
    I went to rock Werchter in Belgium once. The plan was to go for 3 days, but we got into a fuight and we lost lots of our stuff, so we went home the first night. A mate of mine had his nose broken and I was fucked by some guy who gave me some sort of LSD pill.

    Great night........

    edit: he didn't fuck me, he screwed me........... no, he........... nevermind.
  7. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    Joost, that sounds great. Festivals are awesome.
  8. Dazfeeder

    Dazfeeder Harvester of Sorrow

    24 September 2003
    Manchester United
    I am going to Download and Leeds this year, I hope the cooper temple clause or the 80's matchbox b-line disaster are playing cus they are m8's of mine so i can get backstage at download, I can already get backstage at leeds, The rumours are that the Pixies, velvet revolver, iron maiden, bloc party kasabian are playing, hope so, cant wait

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