Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by H@$$@N, 29 August 2005.

  1. H@$$@N

    H@$$@N Guest

    It just started Diddy is the host...

    Diddy just gave the one of the crowd his diamond Jacob watch.....

    its looking good this year :D
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  2. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Yeah i saw the ad for it, looked great.
  3. H@$$@N

    H@$$@N Guest

    during the show, 1st Fat Joe dissed 50 and G-Unit with something stupid.... then when 50 finished his preformance he dissed he mutha fucka good , i think that something bad will happen...

    Suge Knights was shot the day before the awards.... and there was a rumor 50 was shot too.
  4. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Sigh, all this rap violence is stupid.
  5. Baggs

    Baggs The Boss

    15 October 2002
    got to agree with sulph. makes them look like pre-teen idiots trying to compare penises.
  6. pk9

    pk9 Did you Say BOOTS - Pk

    9 January 2004
    in the boots thread
    Lille, de oranje!
    kanyeezy just won best male vid ps late registration is out 2 morrow
  7. munkee

    munkee Guest

    late registration is a huge Step Down from the college Dropout , Touch The sky ( I could swear it was a Jay-Z song ), Roses ( Half way through Loses it though ), Hey Mama ( Always liked this , And had this song for over a year , Only Slightly Rawer ) and Heard Em Say Are the Only Songs that Stand out. Been listening for a week On and off and the album is not Growing on me one bit.
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  8. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    just watching the show diddy done awesome job put on a awesome show much better then previous ones miami is definately the place to host it by miles. Nice to flash his cash and give it to charity and give his watch away.

    Ah things will happen with 50 cent and Fat Joe its getting abit silly but i prefer 50 cent music over Joe myself :)

    lol just seen it thought be something like that "like to thankyou for all the police protection courtesy of G-Unit" ha ha :lol:
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  9. H@$$@N

    H@$$@N Guest

    i only like couple of songs from Kanye's Late Registration, Touch The Sky - Gold Digger - Diamonds From Siere ft. Jay-z - Crack Music ft. The Game.
  10. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    I think his album is poor only good songs for me are hey mama and sierra leone ft jay z
  11. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    It is more black violence than rap violence, when was the last time Eminem was shot or was being dissed etc etc by another man?

    I am sure 50 Cent won't mind being shot considering he has been shot 60 times in the past, or the same for J Diddy, he gave his watch away but he could probably buy another 4000 of them.

    Rap = pish, bunch of black people singing about the same 3 things everytime: cars, money and women, either that or they sing about themselves like they are special.
  12. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Well Eminem was kind of involved for a while and hes white.

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