More patches?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Pilotwings, 31 December 2007.

  1. Pilotwings

    Pilotwings Banned

    8 November 2007
    Will their be more patches?:shock:

  2. kristian826

    kristian826 Goodbye PES

    14 August 2007
    Real Madrid
  3. monkeyball

    monkeyball Non-League

    28 September 2007
    Is this really worth a whole thread?

    Please respect the forum and keep it tidy.
  4. Bill

    Bill Conference

    23 November 2007
    sure it's worth a thread because the game is still not worth bothering with online still needs major work to be even near playable online.
  5. mnchster

    mnchster Idiot.

    28 April 2007

  6. monkeyball

    monkeyball Non-League

    28 September 2007
    Last edited: 1 January 2008
  7. cookie666

    cookie666 Non-League

    2 January 2008
    Hi I new here and can't post a new thread so quick question:

    Just played online for 1st time, seemed a little jumpy, was losing 4-1 but in the 2nd half the other user just went , was it likely to be him or probs with the game?

    Also what do the numbers and graph mean in the middle I hope its not lag or FPS as some times it was 0-45, other 10000+!!

    Thank you.

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