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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by shawshank, 20 August 2005.

  1. shawshank

    shawshank Conference

    16 January 2005
    My friend has a mod chip but he doesn't know the name of the modchip.

    I applied Fernando Patch on the ISO and put it in the PS2 and all it says is "Please Insert Playstation2 Game", even if it loads it just says playstation and a black screen. We had same problem with WE8 Ole Mix.
  2. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Does your original WE9 disc boot up no problem?
  3. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    black screen usually means you messed up in the patching proces. Read the guide in this forum and do as it says, especially burning as slow as possible and running no other programs when burning.
  4. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    Same problem here...

    I used DVD decrypter and burnt with 2x speed on a TDK DVD-R...I'm not sure what the heck is wrong, I followed exact instructions with the WE9 Patch guide. But I think me and my friend patched the .iso twice, could this be the problem? Should I try at a different speed?

    If anyone else here happens to have a V4 ps2 with a Matrix Infinity mod chip, please tell me exactly how you did everything
  5. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005

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