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Discussion in 'The Site' started by Mart, 16 September 2017.

  1. Mart

    Mart Executive Janitor Staff

    28 February 2002
    Darlington FC
    We have a couple of mobile apps out in the respective app stores right now. This is a trial at the moment so please give them a go and let me know your feedback.

    I know of a few issues that are being worked on already but let me know what you think and I'll pass the feedback on to the developers who are active and responsive.

    Known issues (being fixed soon):

    Media embeds not showing at all
    Quotes sometimes break (if media embedded in a quote, for example) so you end up seeing the bbcode in a post.
    Quotes on iOS are not full blocks so they can look weird (i.e. highlighted text rather than a box containing the whole quote)
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