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Discussion in 'FIFA Editing' started by gabe.paul.logan, 14 March 2014.

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    7 January 2007
    Hi, only Hungary related minis here with existing players in FIFA database(no other patches). Taking request with these terms. :JAY:

    my first work

    Updated and missing minis PACK up to 03.07

    Novothny, Futács, R. Varga, Böde, I. Kovács, Lovrencsics, Koman, Elek, Laczkó, Guzmics, Kádár, Juhász, Bogdán, Balogh, Horváth, Lázár, Korhut, Szakály, Leandro, Sándor, Pátkai, Nikolics, Gyurcsó, Tőzsér


    just unrar it and copy inside the "Game" folder
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