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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Jenzo, 12 September 2005.

  1. Jenzo

    Jenzo Guest

    hiho guys

    could some1 be so kind to explane to me what it is and how it works the Memorial Match option?
    i tried yesterday for the 1st time with a friend but, i noticed it request 2 option files2 b loaded :ele:
  2. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Is this not the thing where you put up two teams from different memory cards and it keeps a record of the games, to see who has won how many games?

  3. Jenzo

    Jenzo Guest

    it should be something like that,but i still don't get what team am i supposed to load and play,ML one? can i load a club team or whateverelse? most of all i do ot understand y we should load two option files
  4. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    You can load whatever team you want, it will just keep a record of the results between you and your opponent and some match details as well. You need his memory card so it will save on to his as well.

    Not much more to it, hope that helps. :)
  5. Jenzo

    Jenzo Guest

    i think now i figure it out well! :*

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