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Me Wanna...

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by romanriquelme, 16 August 2005.

  1. Anybody in the US that has WE9 ? how can I get it here.... or when is the release here for the WE9 ???
  2. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    WE9 is only released in Japan. You will have to wait for WE9:I which should be out about a year after WE8:I was out. You can order the Japanese version from yes-asia.com, play-asia.com and you need a modified PS2 to play imported games. Unless you have a Japanese PS2.
  3. Pakigol

    Pakigol Guest

    I thought nobody in the US like soccer :shock: (except women)
  4. Doubla R

    Doubla R Argentina

    13 April 2005
    We're not all americans.. I'm argentinian..
  5. socaplaya

    socaplaya Non-League

    11 August 2005
    Pakigol, u r wrong. I live 4 soccer n Winning Eleven is the best, i can bare wait for the US relese.
  6. Im Honduran and soccer is a our religion! but I cant wait anylonger to play WE9 I have all the WE starting from 5... WAITING FOR 9, when is the International version coming out, does anybody know?
  7. dalessandro

    dalessandro League 2

    8 October 2004

    Viva Juan Roman Riquelme

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