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max drive.. option file

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by rocky_argentinooooooooooo, 12 August 2006.

  1. Hello i'm about to buy an option file i still have we9 because i live in usa and i'm waiting for the we 10 version in english. ihave a regular ps2 and it has been edited by me a lot but all manually meaning i never putted a patch or and option file i did everything in game editing. i now herd what a max drive is and how it helps and i'm about to buy it today. i want to know what are somegood option files that i could download that have the anything of the following things.
    ****** Argentina league or at least river and boca.
    ****** Real names. originals kits, nice faces,
    ****** Nice messi.
    ****** Original names stadiums and things like that.

    Please help i will very apreciated. 8)
  2. jc_denton

    jc_denton Non-League

    4 August 2006
    There's not too many "great" option files about right now. Most are out-dated because it's almost the start of a new season (season just started for some) with new kits and transfers i'd wait until about September until all transfers are completed and people have had time to create kits for their option files. Then there should be a lot of killer Option files floating about. ;)
  3. yeah i dont mind about the recently but recently transfers because i could do them is not that hard.
  4. valroy

    valroy League 2

    4 August 2005
    i would like to see other gamers opinions on all the option files thats about now...like who does the best ones, who are the top three, who's do you always look forward to? in my opinion the top three o/f makers are: (in order)


    great work guy's keep it up!
  5. one more thing i can't download any file that is in rapidshare.com. it ask for money verytime how you download it then?
  6. jc_denton

    jc_denton Non-League

    4 August 2006
    BlueScouse made a great option file, probably the best around at the mo. Too bad it's only for PES5 and WE9I, i wish he'd make one for WE10.
    Last edited: 12 August 2006
  7. i have we 9 .. do you have that option file because i checkit out and i was wondering if boca and river had the real faces.
  8. jc_denton

    jc_denton Non-League

    4 August 2006
    I'm not sure about the faces, but they have all correct names. Also the River Plate sponsor is from last years shirt, but it shouldn't be too hard to change.

    BTW, i heard he's making an update on that option file. So any problems should be sorted out in that. ;)
  9. hey how do you download any option file tht is in rapidshare.com?
  10. valroy

    valroy League 2

    4 August 2005
    thats the thing, watsons o/f as well as bluescouse is for the games i dont even own anymore (let alone play) looking forward to whistle's one though..check out his preview, it looks off the hinges!
  11. jc_denton

    jc_denton Non-League

    4 August 2006
    Yeah i can't wait for that one, still only 20% complete though so we're in for a long wait. It'll be worth it though. ;)
  12. is there any other program to edit option files???? please help

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