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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Stevie_G_Rulz, 18 July 2007.

  1. Stevie_G_Rulz

    Stevie_G_Rulz Non-League

    16 September 2006
    Hi , im trying to load an Option file on my memory card , i insert the blue max drive disk on my Ps2 then go to My Device click on the dongle then the Option file loads , now i never had this problem before but for some reason it loads as something like PES6OPTIONS-DATEl so becuase of that the option file will not load from my memory card , i dunno what it is i have done , but usually it had worked but for some reason or another that error message is stopping it anyone here can help me would be appreciated and thanks.

    Sorry if i have made this thread on a wrong section could not find the appropriate one so typed it on here.
  2. rammy007

    rammy007 Non-League

    18 July 2007
    Hi ive got a datel max drive used it for the first time yesterday
    the first update file i tried to put on my m/card also stopped half way across try a different option file theres 3 or 4 you can get for free of the net go to this web page below;8000350;;/fileinfo.html and download this update option file (Lennon_Classic_OF_V5.max)download it to your computer save it to a file then when its done put the max drive into the usb port and then just drag and drop it into the max drive drive then put the max drive to your ps2 with the disc in wait then go to my devices you should see choose primary device choose the usb key at the end wait till the ps2 finds the option file then click on the file then uncrush it to which m/card you want to save it hope this helps
  3. Stevie_G_Rulz

    Stevie_G_Rulz Non-League

    16 September 2006
    thanks , that worked but i dunno why others are not working for me , i mean this time on my device it has Pes6option file with others instead of file it has Datel may i know why this is happening ?
  4. samsung123

    samsung123 Guest

    hey there i am new 2 this since ur the master i need ur help wiv da option file
    i desperatly need it okay so i want the option ifle on ps2 and ig ot pes 6 so can u send me an email with the option file 4 ps2 english version with the kits stadiums players e.g eduardo,sagna etc and plzzzzzzzzzzzzz cud u help me with this my email is any1 once i download it how to i put it on my ps2 plz not maxdrive i dont have1 ppl say u dont need one u can use a normail usb i need ur help w/b i really aprrreiatei it thank you
  5. Red81

    Red81 Non-League

    1 August 2007
    You have to have a cd software to put it onto your memory card. Simple way to do it. Buy a max drive. They cost very little and come with cd software.

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