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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Pye266, 5 December 2007.

  1. Pye266

    Pye266 Championship

    3 February 2006
    Celtic & Derry City fc
    Have you say and recomendations on the best players to buy for your team in Master leauge..;)

    Here's mine so far, Well im only into my second season.

    Mika - Romania
    Donavan - U.S.A
    Frings - German
    M.Taylor - LB Portsmouth (Eng)
    A.Fridrich - German (CB)
    Joao Moutinho - Portugese
    Trochowski - German
    McGeady - Irish (Celtic)
  2. kristian826

    kristian826 Goodbye PES

    14 August 2007
    Real Madrid
    I started with ML united,and I noticed that Ordaz(striker) after 2 or 3 seasons becomes new Larsson,and rates are still going up,he is young :D
  3. AleksR9

    AleksR9 League 2

    27 August 2007
    AC Milan
    Gourcuff, 21 in AC Milan get pretty good aswell after just a couple of seasons, good playmaker with nice dribble and longshot.

    Pato, 18 (also AC Milan) becomes one of the best strikers but youll need to train him for atleast 4-5 seasons to get there, great shot accuracy dribble and shot technique
  4. Casartelli

    Casartelli Topplayer

    18 January 2006
    Aguero and Schwarz will be the two best strikers around 2015.
    In 2011 there will be a new player called "Bos". In Pes6 this guy had 98 and 99 on all his stats (except goalkeeping) when he was 30.

    According to his development sheet his max is around 95-100.
  5. mafia6

    mafia6 Non-League

    13 February 2007
    Utaka is pretty good...average stats but his mix of balance and speed makes him a very good "run across the pitch" striker. Scored 38 goals in one season. max difficulty.

    Huddlestone - has immense potential very good holding midfielder.

    Bendtner - also has a ton of potential, possible target man.

    Odonkor - average growth chart but deploy him on the wings and watch him run past defenders...he likes to leave Betis for some reason...can get him cheap.

    Ochoa - good and cheap gk i play real madrid..i use him as backup.

    DeJong - Fantastic utility player. Good heading, stamina, balance and speed...

    Micah Richards and Kompany are good solid and quick defenders.

    Sergio Ramos and Van Nistelrooy are immense in my team. Van scored 31 goals in 1 season.

    Surprisingly Julio Baptista works amazingly well on midfield his strength makes him able to hold the ball very wall...scored a ton of goals from midfield too.

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