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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by doncherrati, 5 November 2007.

  1. doncherrati

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    7 October 2007
    As Roma for their shirts,
    Yo lads gotta question but i`m not sure if it`s allready asked if so, tell me wehere to find it because i searched but didnt find it yet,

    I think it`s very hard to start in ML with the default team however it`s far most challenging team, the other two opton i dont like em because i want to edit the kit etc, previuosly (pes6) i could make a team by my one you know i compose my team with the player i want

    but know you need the ml points, my question therefore is how can you change the mlpoints or is it possible to chenge them because 1000 p isnt much at all

    thanks in advance lads i`m curious about ur answer
  2. triplea007

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    25 March 2006
    If you're playing ML on maximum difficulty, yes, it's tough. It'd be nice to have more points to start off, but it's not "necessary"... You can pull it off and even qualify to 1st division on the first try if you only win HALF of the games. And trust me, it's so tough that starting off in 2nd Division and promoting in 3rd place with that bunch of losers, feels GREAT!

    You must do a few things if you find yourself stuck...

    1. Carefully select the teams in each division and make sure that those who start with you are comparable to yours (aka "they suck"). It's nice to start in the second division and see your players move up. It gives you a sense of accomplishment as long as you understand that you may play TWO seasons in 2nd Division before you can manage to move up.

    The way I select the teams is the following. I place my team in position 1 of the 2nd Division. Then I place the best teams in position 1 and 2 of the other leagues. Then I place all 3rds, then all 4ths, and I keep going so that all leagues are equally challenging and nicely mixed. It makes no sense to make a league of crappy teams, and then a league with the best teams because that would mean that the champions league will be half full with crappy teams.

    Once you have your teams selected, before you accept, TAKE SCREENSHOTS of each league. Maybe you realize you'd like to make a change and you will need a those screenshots to remember where you put each team.

    2. Play safe... hold the ball, play always thinking of a tie. A 4-5-1 formation with either Gutierrez or Bruchet. DO NOT underestimate Bruchet just because his shooting accuracy is 56... that guy can run FAST and get you so close to the net that you just cant miss. Of all ML forwards, he's my favorite. Specially when you're against defenders with whom you only need speed to overcome.

    If you manage to keep up your defense, you'll find a hole in theirs. One always opens up. Remember, you're trying to hold them to a tie... if an opportunity opens, take it, but if you spend the whole game trying to score, you'll eat 5.

    3. THIS IS UP TO YOU depending how tough you find it. Use your initial 1000 ML points to buy a custom made RWF, LWF, CF (main position CF). Give him special abilities in scoring, 1-1 scoring, and middle shooting. One you should make before starting the ML. Give him low defending ability, low goal keeping skills, low FK ability and swerve, lowwer all the stuff you don't need for a FW.

    Give him speed and acceleration of at least 90. Shooting accuracy of 80 will suffice. Shooting power of 75-80. Stamina of 85. Condition 7. Wrong foot frequency 5 and accuracy 7. Short pass accuracy 75 and power 68. Same for long pass. Agressivenes of 70. Mentality 80. Balance 80.

    A player with these attributes should cost less than 1000 ML points. Once you finish creating him, PES will tell you how much the player would cost. If he's still less than 1000, you can rise some ability points or add a new skill... and viceversa.

    Considering how crappy your team is to start with, and how smart the COM players are (I play 6* on PES5 and I win easily with standard teams), then you should not consider this cheating, because you will only have ONE player worth something. All other teams have several, even the crappiest.

    4. To take advantage of this hole that opens as you defend, usually on the sides, you need FAST legs both left and right. The RWF and LWF should be the fastest players on your team once you gain some confidence and can switch to a 4-4-2 or a more aggressive 4-3-3 formation.

    5. After the last game before the trading season, SAVE and BACK IT UP.

    Player Recommendations:

    Nice forwards who will want to go to your team and WILL help you win are: DOTAN (and he's extremely fast too and good FK), STRELLER, and don't shy away from looking at national teams. In the african and south american federations you have awesome players without a team. Check Paraguay and Ivory Coast. There are great players from Japan and Korea too. Pretty much all argentinians and brazileans have teams already. But that can be better sometimes since you can TRADE your crappy young players, and you will get between 2000 and 4000 ML points for each, meaning that you have to pay less to get the new guy.

    And by all means, BUY a decent goalkeeper and offer Zamerhoff or Lothar as a trade. Look for Gregorini. He'll want to go to your team and he's got GK 85. You can find him in the GK Talent search and there's an accent on the E, so if you do advanced search, you must use the accent.

    Players that you want to TRADE for ANOTHER, keep them available. Players with low stamina like Lieberman, get rid off immediately so you can make room for new ones. Put almost all players for "possible trade" and you'll get nice offers. Keep Macco. You'll need him for at least another season. He's a great AMF and SMF. Not to mention he can also play forward.

    Jaric is another jewel in your team. Great FKs. If you are closer than 30mts, go for it. At 22mts off the goal or closer, slam it to the side of the keeper... aim it off his hand and don't let the shooting bar reach half. The lower you keep the ball, the better. Wait for the defenders to open up, and slam it. The ball will come so fast that chances are it will bounce off the keeper and enter the goal, or he will tumble and even one of his own defenders might push it in. This works even better with other players with stronger power. At 20mts or less, get a guy with 80+ of power. Even if the FK ability is 56 or so. He'll score as long as you keep the shooting bar below half. A direct shot from a stopped ball at that distance is almost impossible to stop for the keeper, and almost impossible to miss for any player, even real ones.

    I'm at work... I wish I was playing. Second round of negotiations start next "week".

    PS: In PES5, at the end of every season, you could start the new season in a different difficulty setting. I suppose you can do that here too. I don't know for sure since I haven't finished my first season yet. I completed all matches and am now at the final friendly matches. If you're just getting whipped, then find out if you can change difficulty at the end of the season, and if so, start at a lower difficulty. Then, once you promote to Division 1, raise the bar to TOP PLAYER. And then you'll wish you had started in TOP PLAYER so that you could have learned to play. However, that defeats the purpose of starting in Division 2.
  3. doncherrati

    doncherrati Captain

    7 October 2007
    As Roma for their shirts,
    woow thanks for your answer man i bought guily you know a good amf but the defence is so slow and they make awesome ridiculus mistakes it`s not fun anymore :D really it`s like they r tryind to there bust to ruin your game
  4. doncherrati

    doncherrati Captain

    7 October 2007
    As Roma for their shirts,
    but i`ll try again and i`ll see

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