master league unplayable !!!!!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by mehdi666, 31 July 2008.

  1. mehdi666

    mehdi666 League 2

    22 August 2007
    El jadida-Casablanca,Morocco
    Manutd,Juventus,Fc Barça
    hi to all the pes gamers , i have a problem with master league and need some answers from you if it is possible.
    i am gong to explain what is that problem :
    first of all i am a little bit experienced in pes master leagues since i started playin'for the first time in pes4 i always played it(very hard level) with the classic ML formation (ivarov, minanda...)and i've never had such difficulties in ML like in this sh#tty PES2008, the main problem that i have is that CPU scores anytime it wants:
    1.long range freekicks
    2.corners with confusions(defenders that come running to the ball andhit the ball directly to their own goal)or goal keeper that flies and misses the ball and there is always an oponent ready to net it.
    3.and whenever i am leading in the score the CPU scores goals easily,balls that goe under the GK and so on :brick: .
    my question is, do you experience the same problems and what can you suggest ?
    thanks for reading :TU: (sorry for my english i haven't used it for a long time ago)
  2. khabz

    khabz Non-League

    1 November 2007
    hey...thats where u need to be perfect..i play in top level..and i m in season scored 5 goals against me in the whole i think u need practice..and good defenders..babye
  3. markcatterall

    markcatterall bolton born and bread fan

    1 July 2007
    bolton wanderers
    lol just takes time m8 been playing top level not and it all about timeing lol or change you option file but save your old 1 first ?)
  4. jimbam

    jimbam Non-League

    9 July 2007
    Had the same problem myself in first ML season with default players and finished 3rd from bottom, in the first end of season transfer window I raided the free transfers section and got promoted! Only a couple of the default players worth hanging onto as squad players, gutierez, jaric and ruskin although get rid of them to when a better replacement is available for free.

    Good luck!
  5. mehdi666

    mehdi666 League 2

    22 August 2007
    El jadida-Casablanca,Morocco
    Manutd,Juventus,Fc Barça
    thanks mates, but it is a bit crazy how normal players in ML can score as much free kicks as they like

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