Master League - Transfers ALWAYS break down!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by .sixtythree., 27 October 2009.

  1. .sixtythree.

    .sixtythree. I love... desk?

    7 August 2004
    Is anyone else having this problem? Am I just doing something wrong?

    It's irritating enough that I can't control the transfers, it's even more irritating that I can only do 3 at a time, and the icing on that shitty cake is that they take so bloody long to go through.

    BUT, after all that, when none of them actually go through, and always break down, I'm pretty much ready to break this effin' game into tiny shard.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is it genuinely just this crap?

    I'm Aston Villa, by the way. And we've just won the title. Still no luck with transfers.
  2. kiev123

    kiev123 League 2

    9 August 2008
    Scout the players
    In the 4th or 5th report the scout will tell you how likely a deal will be
  3. T.B.T

    T.B.T BONAPACE - Juventus FC

    23 October 2008
    It doesn't matter... Almost every player it says: "Chances of deal is almost zero".

    Anyway I signed Ashley Young, Mauro Zárate and Yohan Gourcuff at Juventus.
    But all of those in a season and seeling a buch of players.
  4. Rania

    Rania Non-League

    22 January 2009
    Bump. Need more "force transfer" tricks. Found no loophole so far.
  5. LMamone

    LMamone Non-League

    16 September 2005
    I had most success bringing in players who are transfer listed, ideally with broken heart icon,free agents or those who delayed contract extension talks.
    Depends how much money i have in off season, i usually bump my scout level to maximum until i bring some reinforcements, then cut the expenses and bring scout back to lower level.
  6. cemus

    cemus Conference

    14 September 2007
    well this may come as a surprise but I've managed to signed Alex de Souza and Nicolas Anelka in my ML game with AFC Ajax Amsterdam in the first season..
  7. Zoffie

    Zoffie Non-League

    28 October 2009
    This pissed me off but then I figured it out.

    Most players who you want to buy, will reject you, players that are likely to accept your advances are those who are not good enough for your 1st team.

    However, to get players to make your team better, it's all about the scouts, in this game scouts are important, get the best scout, and every other game check up on the players that the scout says are Open to negotiate. (you know in the Openness to negotiate/Potential stars/etc.. section)

    Its important to check regularly because good players will pop up out of the blue and then a whole host of clubs will come in for the player, timing is crucial.

    If you don't have the best scout you won't get a full list of all the players that are ready to negotiate.

    Eventhough you have less control and there is more player power, this is a good system because every ML is different you cannot go in thinking, I am going to sign Aguero, you just have to wait and see who the best available is.. or wait for Aguero to become available which could be a couple of seasons.

    Remember good players come up, but they won't be there for long, so check, check check, Openness to negotiate.
    Last edited: 1 November 2009
  8. AndreaSpooky

    AndreaSpooky League 2

    18 March 2004
    its only about timing, which means luck.
    in my ML first season, Lampard got the contract not renewed so i got it for 30millions (sold Nasri for 34millions, lol).
    what actually helps is last sentence in the scout study ("Unlikely to get him", "He seems unhappy", "More than good chances to" etc), the amount of money (yeah rly), eventual concurrency for the player with the existing ones and overall team power.

    so, dont put mass of players in transfer state, free enough space in the team's roles and... gain titles... i know thats kind of silly.

    if i need a player X in a role Y, i personally let go one of the Y role from my team (consider the fact all the team humour goes down a bit for every sold pl), then i let my observer watch the target player (directly contacting for transferring if hes already in contact with someone else).
    anyway if the player is happy with his team u cant do much, since u cant directly apply for offers or contracts (like in old pes).

    hope i helped ;)
  9. T.B.T

    T.B.T BONAPACE - Juventus FC

    23 October 2008
    A tip is try to buy Michel Bastos, he got really good after a season.
  10. nightmaregk13

    nightmaregk13 Concept Artist

    13 November 2008
    everyone uses big european teams
    what about those who are just using a modified pes united xD
    most likely we're scrwed right
    so long dream team xD
  11. techguyatny

    techguyatny Conference

    25 September 2008
    stop buying famous players... if you're wondering why you can't buy messi, you just answered your own question
  12. nightmaregk13

    nightmaregk13 Concept Artist

    13 November 2008
    i cant even buy Virota from pes united (im using the default squad with castolo...) hes like 180.000 something like that maybe a small ammount more
  13. meatrocket8

    meatrocket8 Non-League

    27 September 2009
    Thing that has pissed me off the most is....the one game they add real money in we can't actually handle it ourselves and put bids in...WHY OH WHY!
  14. T.B.T

    T.B.T BONAPACE - Juventus FC

    23 October 2008
    Actually, you make the contact and the other team says of they want to negotiate...
    If don't, negotiation break down, if they would like to, you have to choose how much to pay.............
  15. Msact

    Msact 1. Bundesliga

    18 August 2008
    MS, Germany
    Bayern München
    I got ma own Team.
    I´m change PES United to my own Team.
    I´m in the 2nd Season in the German Bundesliga and my 3 Starplayers are

    Roque Santa Cruz

    nex Season are coming
    and some B Stars from lil teams + 2 from my Youth Team.

    Nex season i wanna have Torres, Van Buyten & Schweinsteiger or Özil.
  16. ayman09

    ayman09 Non-League

    29 September 2007
    try to buy injured players, it worked for me
  17. nightmaregk13

    nightmaregk13 Concept Artist

    13 November 2008
    can you enter the champions or the europa league with pes united?
    im still in the doubt :\
  18. Msact

    Msact 1. Bundesliga

    18 August 2008
    MS, Germany
    Bayern München

    This season I have been working against the descent into the 2nd League.
    Next season my goal is the qualification for the Euro League
    I took PES United so the game is not too easy.
    With AC Milan or Real Madrid, the game would be too easy

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