Master League Sabotage?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by kwng318, 22 November 2008.

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    19 April 2008
    Hey guys,

    I started playing PES with my friends since a year ago and they've helped me improve my play etc.

    I started a ML season on Top Player with Arsenal FC and I can appreciate the challenge but not the in-game sabotage that's going on.

    I've played about 9 league matches, winning 7 and drew twice. I drew with MAN U and won Liverpool, and beat Chelsea in the League Cup competition so I can handle this difficulty.

    But, Ever since I'm #1 in the league table I've noticed strange AI quirks. Now I can't slide my defense bar down to blue when I defend. The game forces my team to play at green, or even orange attacking mentality when in defense.

    I went to tactics control section to set it to manual, but this still didn't fix the problem.

    To test this issue further, I started and exhibition and the attack-defense bar moves as I set as normal. Same goes for my other ML save with Lyon.

    Not to mention unfair opponents. Arsenal is supposed to have some pacey attackers that can create amazing chances, but not so in this game, even low-mid tier club players can catch up to one of my paciest players when I counter attack.

    Is this what higher difficulty supposed to be? I can deal with their perfect tackles, stunning long/through passes, but the way they don't let me plan my defense and their rubbish pace is ruining the game for me.
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    Have you played PES before that's how it always is... ;)

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