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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by xicpanad, 20 November 2014.

  1. xicpanad

    xicpanad Championship

    27 March 2009
    Ok I´ve been playing the demo intensivelly and though I still prefer some things in Fifa, I can´t get my hands out of this!

    Now my problem is in what mode is best? I would like to understand what´s the main purpose of manual. I´ve been using it lately on shooting, to make it more challenging, but I´m thinking, how does this bring up player individuality in shooting? After all I´m the one that controls shot power and direction. Power I can still understand that with some players I will get more out of it, but what about accuracy? Do stats only matter for basic shooting?

    I find basic shooting... well, too basic and easy to score.
  2. klashman69

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    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    try 1 bar passing.

    Individuality is good, not as good as previous years but good, some stats aren't affecting the game enough though.
  3. xicpanad

    xicpanad Championship

    27 March 2009
    But do you mean using basic shooting? I do play with 1 bar passing and its great, not that hard, but still challenging. I can´t cope with advanced through ball, it feels weird sometimes. But would like a bigger challenge in shooting, or does 1 bar passing also affects shooting?

  4. Review

    Review One year wonder

    7 October 2012
    MUFC and NY Knicks
    and what stats might those be?
  5. Coach pep

    Coach pep Conference

    9 May 2011
    I play all manual + advanced through ball. No other way for me. The game is just so much better with full manual passing, opens up everything. Takes a while to grasp but after a while it comes naturally. I play with advanced thorugh ball because basic feel bit too easy for me. Advanced makes the game less straight forward and you have to focus more on building play. On manual controls individuality becomes more evident for me since you feel more control over everyhing and thus being able to discern differences between players more easily. I play league mode with Inter offline and Kovacic is a sublime dribbler ( brought his DA up to 93 and SPA to high 80's as that's where he should sit). Can play some really nice thorugh balls with him too. As for shooting, from what I've understood, the more accuracy player has the tighter is the angle of the travelling ball when you shoot. A player with less accuracy will have a wider angle (the ball is more likely to travel away from where you aim). Don't know exactly how to put it in English. Anyways there's basically no reason to keep basic shooting when you've learned manual shooting as it will just make individuality more prominent. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating on the ps3 though since you miss clear chances you should score from because of you slip on the controller. Hope the PS4 controller is better.

    Still not sure on auto feint on/off and sliding assist or semi-assisted.
  6. xicpanad

    xicpanad Championship

    27 March 2009
    That´s exactly what I wanted to know. Hope its really like that. Currently I´m playing with 1 bar passing and its giving me the challenge. I play with auto sliding off, don´t want to risk unnecessary fouls, I want to be in control, specially on defence. Manual shooting is giving me some nightmares, since sometimes I shoot literally to the sidelines ahah.

    Now I wonder, passing bar assist also afects through ball right? I just felt like my through balls aren´t as easy as they were before, with default assist, and I do haven them on basic. Even with Real Madrid players, I have to judge the pass correctly, wich is good.

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