Looking for help in obtaining genuine WE9LE PC Copy

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by soyo, 18 March 2012.

  1. soyo

    soyo WEplayWE Creator

    28 November 2007

    What some of you probably know about me, is that I'm huge fan of Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution(Pes5 released in Korea back in 2006).

    Anyways I wanted to ask you in a big way, if any of you guys could help me find the genuine copy of WE9LE PC. I'm looking for this game to own it out of sentiment, I looked over whole web, ebays, not ebays, online shops, there is simply no way to obtain this game. I'm ofcourse willing to pay a fair price for it, as well as shipping cost.

    I really would love to have this game, but the more months goes by, the less of a chance I will ever be able to obtain this rarity.

    Can any of you help me? Maybe some have some contacts in Korea which could help in locating one copy? Or maybe someone has some contacts within Konami?

  2. Zaashoo

    Zaashoo Back to PES

    23 February 2010
    Werder Bremen
    I think, they don't sell it anymore.
  3. soyo

    soyo WEplayWE Creator

    28 November 2007
    I know they don't (officialy). But there are still online places people sell they stuff, like the equivalent of ebay, etc...

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