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Logitech rumblepad 2 or xbox 360 conroller?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by therose, 16 November 2006.

  1. therose

    therose Non-League

    21 April 2003
    Which one should I buy? I have been using a Logitech Dual Action up until now, but it's died on me just like the other two I have owned. DO NOT BUY LOGITECH DUAL ACTION - it will lose calibration time after time.

    And as for using a ps2 adapter? forget it - lag central.

    Which one guys?

  2. spoon71

    spoon71 been there done that

    10 November 2003
    What do you mean by "lag central" ? I'm curious because I use this kind of adapter and I haven't notice any lag. But maybe I'm just blind, so tell me, please.
  3. therose

    therose Non-League

    21 April 2003
    I bought one a long time ago and after installing the driver it lagged like a biatch. I searched on the web a little and i think it's OK to use a ps2 adapter if you use the windows drivers. However, the drivers for my adapter are now stuck there - can't get rid of them!!

    Also, the touch sensitivity of the ps2 controller apparently causes problems.
  4. Ad16

    Ad16 Premiership

    13 November 2006
    I would like some info on this too, i was thinking of getting the Logitech rumblepad 2.
  5. pretty

    pretty League 2

    26 October 2005
    I use the wireless runble pad 2 , and it's perfect, very responsive and d-pad feels nice.
  6. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    The best solution is a PS1 Analogue Pad, tho those might be a little difficult to find now, I'm not sure. It's of course ideal for WE/PES, and offers the two sticks while having completely digital face buttons (not pressure-sensitive, like the Dual-Shock 2).

    A regular PS1 controller would also be great although you'll have no sticks to use.
  7. futsito

    futsito Conference

    10 July 2006
    I got an xbox 360 controller to play on the pc. i have no xbox 360. it cost me around 45USdls and I think it may be expensive but it plays great and the joysticks are like new.

    Im not dissapointed on the xbox 360 wired controller.
  8. alekfyne

    alekfyne Guest

    This afternoon i bought the logitech rumblepad cordless and i must say im very impressed with it!!:applause:

    In the past i tried al different kinds of gamepads (dualshock adapter included) and it was not that great. But now its like a new world for me because cordless is the way to go. I did not test it yet with pes6 online but i have no reasons to believe it does not work.
  9. spoon71

    spoon71 been there done that

    10 November 2003
    thanks for response
  10. lloyd

    lloyd Guest

    I like the Logitech myself.
  11. dg32

    dg32 League 1

    4 January 2006
    United States
    Mexico, Arsenal
    use 360 wired controller, works awesome
  12. mcnuggetz

    mcnuggetz Non-League

    16 March 2006
    I have got 2 logitech rumblepad 2 myself and they both works perfectly!:)

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