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Loading stats from WE9 -> WE10?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Zlatan#9, 25 April 2006.

  1. Zlatan#9

    Zlatan#9 Premiership

    26 December 2002
    Anyone know if this is possible? It could be done in WE9, you could load player stats from WE8:LE and WE8. If this feature has been omitted I want my money back, edited like 3000+ players in WE9, no way I want to do that again. Any help would be appreciated, holler back!
  2. gomito#10

    gomito#10 World Cup Winner

    9 May 2003
    DC, USA
    load the option file
  3. Zlatan#9

    Zlatan#9 Premiership

    26 December 2002
    LOL? You can't do it in the "WE series data load" option, so please tell me where to load elsewhere?

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