Let's Spam Konami for bugs, gaps and serious negligences!!!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by TakeshiRG, 20 November 2016.

  1. TakeshiRG

    TakeshiRG League 2

    4 November 2015
    Hi mates...
    le'ts unite to bomb Konami with reports on the most serious lacks and bugs that make the game unplayable and we can't just tolerate anymore

    Here's the link: https://www.konami.com/wepes/2017/ask/2017/eu/en/pc/

    The most important BUG (for me is a bug) is: when i'm drawing a game, at minute 65° CPU increases the Attacking Level to MAXIMUM LEVEL, so that team lost every kind of tactic identity, starting to spamming LONG RANGE PASSES, 80 mt LAUNCHES, with a sort of 2-0-8 formation (2 defenders and 8 forwards).
    That DESTROYS the game...
    I was playing a fantastic EURO CUP, i come to the Final Match against Germany, a defensive and clever game, 0-0 'till the minute 65', then Germany starts attacking with non sense rage and aggresivity, so i scored in counter attack, a silly goal, just because their "offside line" was over the midfield line...
    I HATE THIS: i can't play this way, it's impossible.
    I'm writing to Konami every day about that, i would like a lot of gamers would do the same...

    I spammed Konami about the missing celebrations after scoring (a bug of DLC 1.00), but they seem so calm and quiet, and will fix it with next DLC...

    Please help me to solve this weird problem: it's frustrating to starts a match if you know that after 65' minute a drwing game will be fucked up!!!
  2. Chicken POP

    Chicken POP Non-League

    29 October 2016
    I'm waiting here sitting in my desk for a year waiting for a better pc soccer game.
    And at the same time doing nothing.
    I will not take of my ass out of this desk untill i see better days.
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