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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by joeryan, 9 April 2010.

  1. joeryan

    joeryan Championship

    24 September 2007
    New York
    I'm looking for a bit of feedback on the latest patch on the Ps3 version.

    I've been doing quite a bit of editing, felt I had the game nailed on the last patch. I came home, updated to a new patch and suddenly the game has lost all life.

    Biggest concerns are the ball physics. It seems I can't zip a good cross in anymore, everything is floated, same with long passes. Shots also feel and look off, very tame, and something about the responsiveness just isn't right. Also, crowd noise seems to have been seriously dulled down.

    Anyone else getting similar results with this latest patch?

    I've just noticed there is a discussion on this on WENB. There's no way this is merely a placebo thing, gameplay has become seriously messed up. The 1.03/1.04 update was very good for me. This latest one has ruined the game.
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  2. muffinmak

    muffinmak Conference

    26 June 2003
    you're not alone on this. This new dlc definitely nerfed the crosses --especially the early crosses bigtime!! Also when defending crosses, you need to tap the square button like mad just to head it effectively away, which was much different from before the update.

    I also notice it favors a certain type of pressing play. One of my friends will somehow win the vast majority of the hustles, the ball will somehow find a way to bounce back to his possession.

    Do you also notice how the defenders will refrain from sticking their legs out to tackle (even when you hold down turbo and X) when the opposition make a run at a certain angle (usually vertically and then cut 90 degrees to be through on goal)
  3. Honome

    Honome The Hated Chatbox Murder

    16 April 2003
    Well, i have we2010 and i have to delete the latets patch (1.03) or else the game is unplayable for me, the AI is totally destroyed. I use the latest DLC but after i downloaded it i deleted the patch file (version 1,03) in the savegame utility.
  4. Isslander

    Isslander Gordon's alive!

    3 August 2003
    hmm that sounds weird. Gonna give it a whirl tonight to find out what's going on.
  5. Tykjen

    Tykjen Conference

    7 November 2001
    Tromsø IL, Aston Villa
    in my game utility only 1.03 shows up. in edit mode i got 36boots to choose from. seems the game fks around alot with not installing patches properly.
  6. Isslander

    Isslander Gordon's alive!

    3 August 2003
    Feels like the game is a bit slower, this is not a bad thing in my opinion. Shots are effective as ever.
  7. joeryan

    joeryan Championship

    24 September 2007
    New York
    Going to download the new one tomorrow, see if the game fixes itself.

    Bloody nightmare with these things on PS3.
  8. El_Taib

    El_Taib Conference

    4 October 2004
    You just have to adapt yourself to the new changes; still the game is great.

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