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Lag? is it better than PES5

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Shooto, 28 October 2006.

  1. Shooto

    Shooto Champions League

    16 April 2002
    For those that have made it on to play a game, Is there any improvement of the lag?

    Also, I got on this morning and didnt have time to play, but just wanted to try the spectator mode, but couldnt find out how to do it. Anyone know how to do this?

  2. timsmith10000

    timsmith10000 LEICESTER CITY!

    18 August 2003
    No-one in the english server had lag, but when I did that competition thing, a couple of my games did as I was playing Spaniards...
  3. KEZ

    KEZ Guest

    They might be just getting the servers to settle down a little. Just let PES6 get comfortable for a while (couple of weeks) and then see if there is no lag.
  4. Raitei

    Raitei Non-League

    28 May 2006
    for spectator i think you just join a room but don't hit participate.

    Only once have i had lag, which unfortunately was during a penalty.

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