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Konami working on Online problem

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by pepe montoto, 3 November 2006.

  1. pepe montoto

    pepe montoto League 1

    8 August 2004
    Boca Juniors

    Konami UK has confirmed that it's looking into the problems some gamers are experiencing with online matches in Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

    In a statement released yesterday, the company said it was "aware of problems with the online elements of its Pro Evolution Soccer 6 titles" and offered its apologies.

    It went on to say that it "can reassure fans of the series that we are currently investigating the situation in order to present solutions as quickly as possible".

    PES6, released on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC late last month, has been criticised for the apparent state of its online modes, with users having trouble getting Quick Matches to work on 360 - particularly ranked ones - among other things.

    We'll let you know when we hear more, obviously.
    Last edited: 3 November 2006
  2. hullybul

    hullybul Banned

    31 December 2003
    ok konami
  3. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    yea suuuure. next thing will be:

    "fix for pro evolution soccer 6 announced by konami: codenamed pro evolution soccer 7"
  4. slasher

    slasher Take that Mr Silva

    21 June 2003
    Man United
    the worst part of online is the button lag, fix that and i'll be happy.
  5. raisdk

    raisdk Non-League

    11 April 2005

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