Konami Update?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by mehuk, 23 September 2015.

  1. mehuk

    mehuk League 1

    18 September 2011
    Anyone got any idea on when this will drop?

    Its now Wednesday almost 1 week from release (Well it is in some countries) and we have had nothing, not even a 'its coming out on xxxxx'

    Game reviews should hold off until they have all this covered, because although the game is great and im enjoying it, where is the support!
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  2. P34SEMM

    P34SEMM @iam_emmo

    2 November 2011
    Liverpool FC
    Re: Konami Update

    Knowing Konami - december
  3. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Re: Konami Update

    Twitter:- We're still studying all options to provide you with the updates as quick as possible. More news coming soon!

    Mind you I saw in another tweet, that Adam Bhatti wasn't putting a timescale on it, he said even if it takes a few weeks there will be an update, so god knows how long.

  4. Robbery

    Robbery stay cool its a Robbery

    2 October 2009
    Ruhrpott, Germany
    FC Bayern Munich
  5. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    First of all (gotta be done)...


    But seriously... That's a disgrace to have to wait a whole month for rosters from this season. I mean, really, really bad. It feels like playing a patched PES 2015 at times when you see Balotelli starting for Liverpool etc...

    I was going to say "they should have delayed the game" but they'd never do that and give EA the head-start.
  6. superleeds1

    superleeds1 72 Veteran Staff

    16 July 2004
    Gods County
    LUFC O.K.
  7. NbgTotti

    NbgTotti Non-League

    21 February 2007
    Unbelievable. :LMAO:
  8. T0LTS

    T0LTS League 2

    9 September 2013
    Birmingham City
    This almost makes me want to trade it in for FIFA! We have all spent £35+ for this game and it's last years edition really! Utter disgrace! (Only almost though I won't of course lol)
  9. Jamezinho

    Jamezinho Golden Boot Winner

    10 June 2003
    Ipswich, England
    Ipswich Town F.C.
    Looking forward to the January transfer update in April.
  10. Robbery

    Robbery stay cool its a Robbery

    2 October 2009
    Ruhrpott, Germany
    FC Bayern Munich
    haha, i like that! :D and sorry! Next time i will remember your pic for sure. :)

    Yes, it is. I'm speechless. They just don't care about us and it's all about the money. But we are stupid enough to buy the game every year even if we know by experience it won't be finished at release-date. It's frustrating what they are doing every year.
  11. we7god

    we7god Kreisklassen-Profi

    15 August 2003
    Germany - Soester Börde
    FC Schalke 04

    Sorry, but this is ridiculous. Hope this shit company goes bankrupt and a skilled company will grab the PES brand and handles it properly.

    Konami is full of pure amateurs, no wonder Hideo Kojima left the company.

    Update of current rosters should have been available from day one. All major transfers done by the beginning of September coul have been done by one guy within one week. So what is the f*cking problem with this company?

    Adding additional teams is another story. It is ok, when they add teams afterwards or clean up the mess of serie b. But the roster update delay is really a bad joke.

    Only confirms my opinion of this company.

    Nevertheless this won't effect my joy in playing the game itself, just sucks for getting the editing finished on a short term...
  12. P34SEMM

    P34SEMM @iam_emmo

    2 November 2011
    Liverpool FC
    Re: Konami Update

    I wasnt that far out!!
  13. JayJay89

    JayJay89 Non-League

    13 August 2015
    Well, I'm gonna trade in for Fifa now, I'm gutted to be honest, but like others say, It's way outdated and to transfer your players yourself in order to get a proper 2015/2016 season start is pathetic
  14. kiev123

    kiev123 League 2

    9 August 2008
    6 weeks for a transfer update ?
  15. uksix

    uksix Also known as jcsix

    29 October 2007
    Manchester United
    Its says October 1st for the following modes:

    Quick Match
    Online Divisions
    Friendly Match Lobby
    Team Play Lobby
    Online Competitions

    Then offline is the 29th. My guess is if you enable live updates for offline modes, you will have updated transfers. But if you disable it to use edited transfers/teams you wont :/
  16. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Oh balls.

  17. GeladoBom

    GeladoBom Banned

    17 September 2015
    FC Penafiel
    Someone knows that online updates just only working on the exhibition mod?
    It seems so on PES 2015, and after they finish updating the online updates we need online connection to access the players.

    Non of them will work on master league or any cup's Whatsoever.

    The game is legit for a Vaporware version.

    No. :R1 You people are worried about playstation 4.

    October 29th the DLC? I'm going to go FIFA.
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  18. beachryan

    beachryan Golden Boot Winner

    4 July 2003
    I'm going to lie, I'm sitting here deciding between the two, and that might just have pushed me to FIFA.

    How on earth can a database update take months? The mod community can do it in an evening ffs.
  19. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Don't lie! Then you're as bad as they are. You're better than that!
  20. Jamezinho

    Jamezinho Golden Boot Winner

    10 June 2003
    Ipswich, England
    Ipswich Town F.C.
    Glad I didn't buy this. I'll wait a couple of months to see if the amatuers at Konami can finish this game. By then it should be nice and cheap. :D
  21. Savage13

    Savage13 Non-League

    20 August 2015
    What an absolute fucking joke. Pes could be the best game they just choose not to be.
  22. merdoi7

    merdoi7 League 2

    31 December 2013
    Egypt , Alexandria
    any way to talk with konami and say our refusing to wait a month for update F$$# rosters !?
  23. Centurion

    Centurion Conference

    2 October 2013
    I wonder if it will be possible to xooy team data from the online mide and then apply it to offline? Probably as time consuming as editing it by yourself. And to have licences for UCL and UEL and not all the teama in it is messed up!! Will Manchester United still be in Europa League so?

    What is the reasoning behind this?

    To stop pirates enjoying the offline modes?
    To make more money from myClub?

    Anyone think of any valid reasons?

    Will PTE or someone else bother to update transfers and make a patch now?

    So much cloak and dagger from Konami all the time. Then again if they said the reason 'heroes' on the internet would go into abuse mode. They will now anyway!

    A lot of people might bin this and go for FIFA now. Seems ridiculous!
  24. Ludek

    Ludek Non-League

    9 February 2015
    Wisla Krakow
    Great 20th Anniversary.
  25. Eastwood

    Eastwood Non-League

    3 August 2005
    Hertha BSC and B. Munich
    Konami just proved one thing: they like to get f***** by EA (the guys over there must be laughing their asses off) and they don't give a s**** about their customers.
  26. gurtejgps

    gurtejgps League 2

    15 August 2015
    Manchester United
    Just using Save file with all the transfers and cpks with kits and emblems on PC. Why wait for Konami when we have an awesome community?
  27. dubcity

    dubcity Conference

    31 March 2014

    I'm betting the first ISS had updated rosters when it was released...
  28. MadbaLL

    MadbaLL Interista per sempre!

    11 February 2008
    "Curva Nord"
    Inter Milan
    shame, shame, utter shame...
  29. GeladoBom

    GeladoBom Banned

    17 September 2015
    FC Penafiel
    Without Seabass Power :SHAKE:
    My heart belongs only to him all this years since 2013.
  30. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    The official PES twitter account says they tried to get it out sooner but it was impossible. I don't know if platform holders still charge developers for each patch, as they once did?

    With the recent news about Konami ditching AAA game development completely except for PES, it wouldn't be suprising if the PES team were being starved of funds and simply don't have the capacity to release this earlier. If it was as simple as editing a database and posting an update, it would have been done by now.

    My guess is Konami don't want to divert any excess funds to the development team.

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